We will go over all the Planets, their aspects to each other, the Houses and Signs in your chart and clearly explain the meaning of each and how it may be showing up in your life. I will send the recording to you via email so you can go back through it at any time for further insights.

Well, that was an interesting few days last week, eh? V-day seemed to be pretty dramatic for some of you, and it would be, considering the way the stars aligned for it. One of the advantages of being an astrology nerd is you can watch the sky dance and see how it shows up on Earth and in the lives nearby. Shit happens, but the way it happens is because of the music that is playing AND the way you are dancing to it. Astrology gives us a window of the past, present and upcoming rhythms. Forewarned is forearmed. Lol

This week of the FULL MOON, initiating on Friday Feb 24th, is going to be interesting too. The MOON is still doing its rapid strobe-like changing of aspects in often hours instead of days. With so many planets crowded together in a few signs there is a lot of variability in our emotions and intuitions. This might all feel a bit schitzy and confusing at times, if we can stay chill, we can navigate it gracefully.

While the Virgo FULL MOON exactly opposes the Pisces SUN it will also be closely opposing MERCURY and SATURN since these are all nearly conjunct the each other. This opposition cluster will possibly feel a bit crunchy that day, but it won’t last more than a few hours before JUPITER gives the whole thing a positive boost, as JUPITER will be exactly trine the MOON and still be finishing a helpful sextile to SATURN. If you don’t like the weather…. Try not to take anyone’s (especially your own) moods as gospel in the moment for the next 5 months or so (!) until the planets begin to spread out a bit and the emotional MOON has some breathing space between energies. Astrologically, this annual clustering of planets has been happening for a few years and will happen for the next few years more because of where the big slow-moving planets are right now. I look at it as being schooled in the necessity of becoming more objective and less wrapped up in the moody reactivity indicated by the MOON during what may likely be some of the most challenging times of our lives. We are all on the advanced slopes nowadays.

JUPITER will be compellingly square to both MARS and VENUS as they are still more or less conjunct, around the FULL MOON, giving us the urge, confidence and energy to make dynamic moves on things like our relationships, our finances and our life path no matter what it takes. It can be awkward only because it’s a strong pushing energy that might clumsily overdo it.
The MOON swings around conjunct the SOUTH NODE by Tuesday, thereby also opposing the NORTH NODE and CHIRON. This will emphasize our ongoing healing/healer energies of this aspect, as it will each month until CHIRON moves away from the NORTH NODE later in the Spring. This is good time for receiving or giving healing therapy concerning our deep wounds. We all need to compassionately support ourselves and each other more than ever these days as best we can. The NODES will also be Trine and Sextile respectively to MARS-VENUS for much of the week adding a touch of karmic destiny around relationships, money etc. and those healing energies.

The SUN, SATURN and MERCURY conjunction in Pisces which is as close as it can be around the 28th will definitely be in play through the end of the month bringing us some steady, mature and serious energy to get things done, especially around our long-term visions. Keep your eye on the prize of your best life, despite any of the transient distractions.

The MOON squares dark-n-deep PLUTO on the 28th. Then it goes on to form a back-to-back T-square series with MARS to VENUS and JUPITER  to URANUS on the 29th to the 1st, while also sequentially Trine the SATURN, SUN, MERCURY conjunction. This may set us up for some dramatic, but likely forward, feelings and actions on those days. Just sayin’.

We get a leap day this year which has no astrological significance other than to point out that the universe does not conform to only rational numbers that divide evenly and we are chronically (pun!) out of rhythm with the true cycles when we think clocks and calendars are real. Even astrology is only an approximate mapping to help us navigate reality. Use the best maps you have, but don’t get the maps confused with the actual territory.

The Waning Square MOON will be on March 3 which has some flowy sextiles and some feisty or discordant squares too. More on that next week.

I know things have been a bit intense lately, but realistically, when are they not? Astrology shows us the current alchemy but how that feels for you is, in a large part up to you. We’re still in the churn for sure, but hopefully you’ve been taking care of business and juggling each ball as it’s been handed to you with as much grace and power as you can muster. This is certainly a potential for this challenging time. The WAXING MOON on the 16th squares the SUN in its last few degrees of its journey through Aquarius. The MOON also trines VENUS conjunct PLUTO later in the day so passions may run high with MARS still close to PLUTO too. This can go either way as passion will, so watch your temper and mind your consent.

The world will all be feeling the intensity, but near your own center is where you can have the most influence. MERCURY will be exactly square to URANUS on the 16th as well, giving an electric “finger in the socket” feel to our thoughts and communication that day. Could be genius and flow, could be arguments and blurted thoughts.  For best results make plans to avoid belligerent situations if you can, and surround yourself with inspired people if at all possible.

I know: easy to say, and everyone has their own karma through these times. I have found if we diligently aim for the best of things, we will often hit something near it in the long run. The planets always auger possibilities of both shadow and light manifestations in the archetypal universe, so a lot of range of outcomes is always possible. You are an agent in your experience, though not in complete dominion of course. It’s a symphony of complexity, paradox and chaos. Astrology essentially gives us the chord chart outline of that music so we can play along as best we can.

MARS and VENUS are essentially conjunct through this whole period though exact on the 21st. Yin and Yang energies dancing together. Romantic passion and balance between beauty and desire are certainly possible, but so is experiences entanglement and engulfment. Be aware JUPITER adds some risk of overdoing things from around the 21st to the end of the month because of its long square with the MARS-VENUS conjunction.

By the 23rd has the MOON is square to unpredictable URANUS and it also trines CHIRON. This could lead to a somewhat excitable day full of healing emotional catharsis, as if we haven’t had enough of that all week. We finally get the FULL MOON on the 24th. The FULL MOON in Virgo opposes MERCURY, the SUN and then SATURN all within a day or so. Oppositions that hopefully help us see our feelings from a more unattached perspective. It’s the Pisces-Virgo axis: Water to Earth elements, 5D to 3D viewpoints.

It’s been a hella ride for over a month since we started this roller-coaster with PLUTO and the SUN entering Aquarius together. The good news is by the FULL MOON it looks like we have probably done some serious clearing of our collective and personal septic tanks and can now get some traction on our higher aspirations with less unconscious baggage.

We’ll see in the FULL MOON report when it comes around.

Ha! “Turbulence at the beginning” as in Hexagram 3 of the I Ching is very relatable at this NEW MOON. “Difficulty at the Beginning works supreme success, Furthering through perseverance.  It furthers one to appoint helpers.” Hexagram 3 paints a vivid picture of initial struggle and effort, much like a seed struggling to germinate and break through the soil.” So persevere towards your highest offerings to life as the necessary strengthening stresses and releasing ground tremors occur.

The MOON continues its staccato roller coaster through all the planets from Aquarius to Taurus creating the turbulence. As in last week’s report, our moods and attitudes will be rapidly changing throughout the day and week.  We are in a collective emergence of a lot of subterranean material as PLUTO dramatically introduces us to some of its new themes in Aquarius by being conjunct first with MERCURY (Feb 5), then MARS (Feb 13) and finally VENUS (Feb 16). We will all likely be feeling and experiencing a lot of deep (shadow) material coming up in our lives and consciousness for the next week or two at least. It may feel very personal, but it is also collective. MERCURY-our thoughts and communication (secrets revealed), MARS-our courage and assertive/aggressive nature (conflict and belligerence) and VENUS-our heartfelt values, money and relationships (obsession, betrayal, loss). All these will be in a churn during this NEW MOON period. PLUTO is a powerful mover of change and renewal, so keep in mind that no matter what is happening, it is a revealing of where we have been playing things out unconsciously, and cosequently an opportunity for correction. Some of these experiences can be very positive and empowering if they are not destructive. Its just PLUTO doing its death and rebirth thing, big time.

URANUS, the planet of surprising changes, is also adding plenty of electricity to this, as it is in a provoking square to the NEW MOON. All of this agitation may be stressing everyone out to a noticeable degree for a few days, probably already has been this month. Best have your sense of irony and humor handy. It’s a bumpy ride for us all. NEPTUNE is going to sextile MARS and then VENUS for a few days which may give us all a strong urge to run away or escape to some romantic dream land, but that would only delay and add power to the lessons to be learned if we do. The lesson will likely be something about exposing or expressing what people hold in our unconscious and how we handle our own and others power. The gift of this is getting to become conscious of our unconscious programs and knowing that the more we hide and repress this stuff, the more it runs our lives from behind the curtain, for good or ill.
CHIRON, the healer and holder of our wounds has been conjunct the SOUTH NODE of our past for months and is exact on Feb 19th,  This may feel like a fateful time for things from our past or past lives that need to become either a useful asset or be let go of so we can move into our life’s dharma more gracefully.  The MOON swings around and gives this a short center stage on the 13th    SOUTH NODE to NORTH NODE is a lifetime journey and this is a beautiful data point on where your life lessons and potential mastery is pointing you  and where you are at.

Fortunately, SATURN is still in its long-term sextile with JUPITER for a couple more months so that, hopefully, will be a mature and steadying influence on any impulsive reactivity during these volatile and days. Live and learn as we go through the crucible of the 2020’s.

More to come in next weeks FULL MOON report. This was possibly a hellacious February for you so far. Be comforted, it will likely mellow some by then and you can take a breath.

It is a lotta MOON dance this week. The Moon’s waning square with the SUN on Feb 2, 7 days before the NEW MOON, is in Scorpio, accentuating our deep feelings and intuitions through Sunday when it enters more carefree Sagittarius. Especially as MERCURY is also smoothly sextile to intuitive NEPTUNE during those few days. All the planets are crowded into one region of the sky these days, from Capricorn to Taurus. The MOON is consequently moving rather quickly through all the various aspects (trines, squares, sextiles, etc.) to all the planets. This is likely making for a highly variable and perhaps confusing emotional atmosphere for us all to ride through. If you don’t like the way things feel right now just a wait a bit and it will change, sometimes to a completely opposite flavor and subject. The advantage of this time is if we don’t attach to strongly to any one mood, we can begin to collate a more balanced and nuanced perspective on we how feel and intuit about things over all like an emotional strobe light.

MERCURY enters Aquarius on Monday and immediately conjoins PLUTO there. This starts a parade of inner planets passing into Aquarius and hitting PLUTO over the next couple of weeks. Pluto will be bringing out the darker and suppressed sides of each planets energy so it’s bound to be an interesting month, to put it mildly. This week it will be our mental space that gets a trip through the underworld. Secrets exposed, hidden documents and repressed thoughts revealed, that kinda thing. Hide your private journals and lock your phones, lol. Or at least be prepared for unexpectedly blurting out what you really think.

We still have SATURN sextile to JUPITER giving us a steadying hand in our aspirations which should be pretty ambitious because JUPITER is pretty rockin’ right now as it shares Taurus with shocking and innovative URANUS until late May. MERCURY will briefly sextile NEPTUNE during the last few days of this week, giving us access to our higher consciousness or our bewildered delusions. Wise discernment and equanimity will see you through.

CHIRON, near the SOUTH NODE squares VENUS and the SUN on the 5th bringing us some blasts from the past to be faced and perhaps transmuted into elements of our collective NORTH NODE lessons learned. The MOON swings into Capricorn initiating a quick series of conjunctions with VENUS, MARS, PLUTO and MERCURY before connecting with the SUN for the NEW MOON on February 9th.  URANUS is forming a trine with VENUS and a near simultaneous square to the SUN, peaking Wednesday, indicating some possibly electric or disruptive changes around what we hold valuable in our lives: money, relationships, valuables and the Earth etc. but likely for the good in the long run. Just watch your spending, K?

NEPTUNE will be subtly fogging things up with a sextile to MARS making it a challenge to take the right actions in the moment, but it will mostly pass after the NEW MOON on the 9th when MARS  will conjunct PLUTO where we will need all the clarity and equanimity we can muster. More on that next forecast
All and all a very full time. Life feels accelerated right now and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or pushed. Be sure to take time out, turn off your devices, take a walk and let the wheels spin free for a few minutes daily. Try to stay on top of the wave and we can all go far this month.

Full Moon Aspects 1:25:24

Anyone else feeling that this month went by really fast? Every day seems so filled, it may have been hard to keep up, but we are sure making progress as long as we are staying focused on our goals.
This FULL MOON in Leo keeps that trend going with emphasis on boosting our self-image and self-confidence. The MOON’s opposition to the waning, but long term influential, SUN-PLUTO conjunction with its T-square to JUPITER will likely impel us to expose any unconscious shenanigans we have with going on in our lives, hopefully for positive outcomes. The MOON in Leo is pretty exuberant as it is and as with any Jupiter square, overdoing it is a foreseeable problem. Embodying confident nobility might be your archetypal aspiration for this week. Especially since some of the energies will be coming from the plutonic underworld. Just be willing and able to repair whatever breaches that might occur from any projection or conditioned reactions. !Engage the Four Agreements, my friends! SATURN, still closing its long sextile to JUPITER, will help you ground and stand strong if you let it.

VENUS, the planet of what we hold near and dear to our hearts, is stepping into a trine with lucky JUPITER over the next few days, completing the series of planets in Minor Grand Trine to JUPITER and sextile to SATURN we’ve all felt for the last few weeks. This time emphasizing love, money and harmony building. A pretty good time for relationships to grow. Once again SATURN is supervising the trine from behind the curtain of the sextiles in the Minor Grand Trine so that will help it all stay on track for a responsible outcome.

Later this week, the MOON swings through a beautiful Kite configuration with the aforementioned Minor Grand Trine on the 27-29th, opposing SATURN. encouraging us to get done what needs to get done with power, grace and style. Don’t waste this opportunity to grow, heal and move forward with your true Dharma. Though it only lasts a short time, this all sets the tone for the first part of 2024 if you use it wisely.
URANUS, the planet of innovation and sudden changes, is strongly emphasized this week too as it stations direct on the 27th at 19 degrees of Taurus, initiating a juicy period when all the planets are direct. This will be getting extra oomph by URANUS’s trine to the MERCURY-MARS conjunction especially on the last few days of the month, which can incite us to think outside the box, change our minds and make inspired moves if handled well.
Sabian Symbol for Taurus 20 (19°- 20°) is “Wind, clouds and haste. SPIRITUAL FORCES. Energies and beings from other realms expressing themselves through our willing participation. Willing participation with unseen spiritual forces”. Its been in that degree since mid-December retrograde and now direct. It stays theremoves into 20 degrees on March 14.

CHIRON, the mentor, healer and teacher through suffering will also be starting a square to the oncoming MERCURY-MARS conjunction in Capricorn. This can provoke some inspired healing, or expression of old wounds this week. It’s an opportunity to see how far along we all are in our healing journey.

The MERCURY + MARS conjunction that goes on into early February augers witty dialogs, inspired ideas and actions if it does not get us into arguing or tantrums.   The conjunction is squaring the MOONS NODES as well as CHIRON, so it’s a great time to set sail for what your soul came here to do and learn in this life, letting go of the past wounds that have held you back. Hopefully you’ve been mapping that out this last 6 months or at least getting clear on what you don’t want.
So all-n-all, it a kinda epically archetypal start to this year. I’ll be doing an update with Phina Kemper on my YT channel on the day of the FULL MOON and continue next week with the WANING MOON report here .

Well, I hope it’s been a busy week for you all since the NEW MOON and in a good way. We are still in the chute as this week of the WAXING QUARTER MOON from Jan 17th to the FULL MOON on January 25th starts out with the Minor Grand Trine I mentioned in last week’s report. Since it consists of a neato Trine between benevolent supercharger, JUPITER and communicative MERCURY both traveling through the Earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn respectively, there is a positive activation of the mind, communication and travel grounded in the aesthetic, practical and material plain. Business, tasks, building, thinking, planning and creative endeavors all get a boost. This is reinforced and facilitated by the dual, flowing and complementary, sextiles that the pragmatic and authoritarian planet SATURN is forming between each of those planets. Saturn is not so sure of itself in Pisces, so these potentially positive energies can alternatively slip into crankiness, impatience and/or bullheadedness if we’re already bent that way. It is always good to try and keep an internal witness on our reactive tendencies. All this is especially true on the 18th, when the MOON passes in front of JUPITER lighting up the perfecting trine between JUPITER and MERCURY.

VENUS will be exactly square NEPTUNE on the 19th so there is the possibility of inspired co-creation or, unfortunately, temptation to overspend or unreasonable overcommitment to some idealized, exaggerated fear or romantic situation. Just wait a few days until VENUS enters more sensible Capricorn on the 23rd before impulsively buying that bauble or joining that cult and you’ll likely be clearer on what’s correct and true for you by then. Lol.
Meanwhile, Big News! The SUN conjuncts PLUTO on the 20th then magically, mystically they cross hand-in-hand conjunct together from Capricorn into Aquarius on the 20th, initiating PLUTO’s second transit in Aquarius until September. This will give us another preview of what is coming in the 20 year PLUTO transit of Aquarius. I suspect, more powerful transformative technological and societal changes than we can shake a stick at for that whole time as demonstrated by Pluto’s first brief dip in Aquarius, March through June last year: More AI, dramatic politics and secrets revealed anyone? Sounds fun. Having the SUN there this week initiates this transit with a revealing light on our plutonic collective and personal unconscious proclivities. With PLUTO’s usual death, rebirth, power, transformation and exhuming of “buried bodies” gig and it’s easy to see that this all will require some deeply aware consciousness to moderate the ride. “Tray tables in the upright and locked position and the seatbelt light is on.”  Of course, it will be a mixed experience as usual. Aquarius has its upsides for sure. Its Uranian innovation, uniqueness and electricity make it an exciting and progressive time too; Collective wellbeing, agape, big ideas, inventiveness and big societal aspirations all are in its purview. Pluto will just be doing its thing to bring about powerful cleansings, initiations and transformations there like it did with our institutional structures and traditions in Capricorn since 2008.
A few days later on the 23rd VENUS enters pragmatic Capricorn grounding some of our more romantic and dreamy ideas. The ongoing Sextile between SATURN and JUPITER keeps business rolling until VENUS perfects with them, in another facilitating Minor Grand Trine just after the FULL MOON. Finally, there will be a developing Square between Healer CHIRON and Doer MARS conjunct Mental MERCURY as the FULL MOON in Leo shows up on January 25th, giving it a therapeutic flavor, one way or another.

All-n-all a busy, productive week if you want it to be. Also, potentially dramatic for good or bad. But better than being stuck waiting too long for new things to get going as in the recent past.

New moon aspects Jan 11th 2024Well, this should be good. The initiatory and inspirational energy of the NEW MOON, SUN combination on the 11th will be synergistically trine innovative, inspiring and shocking URANUS, supercharging possibilities and plans. As I mentioned last week, the NEW MOON on the 11th is in the mix with a Minor Grand Trine that started earlier in the week involving an amplifying trine between happy-go-lucky JUPITER and Get-er-done MARS. Both are in creative and 3d manifesting Earth signs: Taurus and Capricorn, each of which is sextile to responsible and disciplined SATURN, (the ruler of Capricorn). Minor Grand Trines are one of the talent triangle geometries in astrology. The potential is there but one has to go for it, use it, or it will just pass with very little effect.

Now, in the best vibe this augers an opportunity to get a lot of shit done and feel really inspired and productive. The caution is that the shadow side of all this is stressing out by overdoing it, taking on too much and getting all grumpy or defeated (SATURN in Pisces), impatient or angry (MARS in Capricorn) with any glitches, holdups or delays. Stay centered, get organized, focus on authentic priorities and make yourself slow down occasionally to enjoy the ride. Don’t let yourself get too wound-up. You will likely see others around you and the world in general going through the same gyrations and things can easily escalate. With an attitude of gratitude for playing in a big exciting game that is finally “on” and a stepped back sense of humor, you’ll be able to get the most out of this period and assist others in keeping their balance at this accelerated pace as well. As Always, your experience is going to be channeled by what houses these aspects fall in for you from your Natal chart, how it all aspects you personally and, strongly, by what response patterns you are running.

At the NEW MOON, VENUS will be strongly trine to CHIRON, which will tend to be about healing interrelations with something you value or maybe invoking some welcome TLC for yourself and/or with others.

That auspicious beginning goes on all week as MARS smoothly hands off the Trine with JUPITER for a Trine with mental and talkative MERCURY over the week, peaking in ANOTHER Minor Grand Trine with SATURN and JUPITER, that perfects just after the January 17th WAXING QUARTER MOON. This will potentially emphasize articulation of practical ideas and step by step planning. The caution with this one too is to not overdo it or under do it. VENUS is coming on to Square dreamy NEPTUNE so watch for things like impulsive spending, shady deals or ungrounded beliefs. More on that in the current Bi-weekly YouTube forecast  with Phina Kemper and I, and the WAXING QUARTER MOON  written report next week.

“O snail
Climb Mount Fuji
But slowly, slowly!”

― Kobayashi Issa

Waning qtr MOON aspects 1:3:24Yay, 2024!…Oh..Sigh… After the lift we may have felt with the turning direct of MERCURY and JUPITER at the end of the year, there is, unfortunately, a little drop at the beginning of this period. The groovy and activating trine between JUPITER and the SUN fades away by Wednesday the 3rd as the MOON squares the SUN and VENUS has both an awkward and irritating quincunx to JUPITER and square to “Mr wet blanket”, SATURN. A possible minor let down that leads right into another the next morning on the 4th as the MOON triggers another annoying quincunx that’s happening all week between the SOUTH NODE, (our past) and URANUS, the great disruptor.

This week there is an oncoming square between the SUN and CHIRON which is potentially pushing old hurts and lessons to the forefront for ourselves or those around us to be attended to. Also, a developing, 3rd and last time, square between MERCURY (our mind and communication) and foggy, imaginative NEPTUNE will perhaps make us all a little spacey and dreamy again. Sorry, if you feel a little out of sorts off and on this week. All this is hopefully minor and fleeting for you but it’s hard to say without your birth chart overlay.
It’s all just some choppy waves that are leading up to a powerful and beneficial Minor Grand Trine that has SATURN easefully sextile to both JUPITER and MARS which form the base harmonic Trine in between. This really augers around the NEW MOON on the 11th, but is building from the weekend onwards. SATURN in PISCES lends us a practical slant to our dreams and aspirations, that is if we keep its pessimistic Eeyore vibe at bay. Venus is in enthusiastic JUPITER-ruled Sagittarius trine to expansive, lucky and optimistic JUPITER which is at last going forward through tasteful, tenacious, and earthily primal TAURUS, all looks to evoke some inspired manifestation we all should take advantage of. Uplifting and fortunate JUPITER is set to give us a pretty good run through most of 2024, so keep your chin up and think big. VENUS swoops into a healing trine with CHIRON at the NEW MOON too, so it’ll likely be a shinier end of the week than beginning. Just be patient with yours and others moodiness or negativity. We’re all a bit sensitized from all the shit we’ve been through in the recent past. Finding rest, equanimity and being responsibly accountable are key. So even though MERCURY direct has likely amplified your social calendar and to-do list, cut yourself some slack and do some soothing behaviors this week. it’s just a few days and the slow start, long term, general trend is forward into new territory for us all.

WAXING-MOON aspects 12/26/23HERE WE GO! The last FULL MOON of 2023 is in the MOON’s dwelling of nurturing and homey CANCER. Because NEPTUNE is still having a strong influence with some oncoming squares to MERCURY and MARS things may still feel a little foggy and willpower weak. Balancing that out somewhat MERCURY, that planet of the mind, communication and travel is also conjuncting MARS this week, and is still in its Rx trickster guise, so we may be quick to jump to conclusions or get a little headstrong even in our slightly blurry state. NEPTUNE also has a fading sentimental trine to Venus going on, letting us in some for nostalgia or old fashioned romance during this often sentimental seson. JUPITER is in an amplifying trine with the SUN (self), peaking on the 27th. All this adds up to a tendency to push us to keep the party and cheer rolling and perhaps just a flop out from all the overindulgences and depletions. Not necessarily a bad thing considering it is the dark of the year and also, what we’ve all accomplished and processed in the last few months. A little R&R, conviviality and easing back of the throttle might be appropriate, just watch for the “one too many” temptations. Hangovers and regrets.  It won’t be lasting long though, so even if you’ve unfortunately fallen under the shadow in this time of obligatory cheer, the starting bell will be ringing soon and there will no time for moping after the New Year gets rung in.

CHIRON in ARIES goes direct on the FULL MOON and it’ll soon be adding some courage and purpose to our actions in the coming months. JUPITER in TAURUS is staging to go direct on the 30th, hitting the gas for 2024. And MERCURY will screech to a halt to go forward on NYE at 22 degrees of SAG to start the year off with a trek forward through territory it has covered twice already since the end of November and first half of December. A chance to finalize the plans and inspirations that remain sparkly and correct from that time.
NYE has a fortunate “good times” set of trines from the MOON to JUPITER and the SUN in the evening. That is tempered though, by a mashup square between loving VENUS in passionate SCORPIO and stern SATURN in dreamy PISCES. Might tend to support those NY resolutions to be ambitious but also practical, or make us feel grumpy and dissatisfied at all the oblivious fun of NYE while the world is on fire. It depends on your disposition and where you get attached, know what I’m sayin’? Definitely be cautious of over cynicism during the 2nd and 3rd as the moon does a vexatious square to PLUTO and then squares the SUN for the FIRST QUARTER square of the moonth which always gives us a prod towards our goals and is opposite CHIRON, so diligently nurture your wellbeing after the Holidays. More details on that in the bi-monthly YT video with Phina, and the written report next week.

We probably SHOULD celebrate our passing through so much fire and darkness in the last few years and months, but also buckle up, because the game indubitably still afoot. This has all been just the opening act for the 2020’s. At this time only the big disrupter URANUS is still Rx until the end of January, but essentially it looks like it’ll be Go Time next year. So rest up, recharge, do your best to enjoy this week. I think 2024 is going to at least blow our hair back like a convertible on a highway, that is if it doesn’t blow the roof off all of our lives. Call me up if you want a personal forecast of your upcoming year.

Blessings and Happy Solstice/New Year.

The good news? Jupiter is all over things this week with synergistic trines to MERCURY Rx and the SUN. A “Benefic planet” that brings optimism, luck, expansion and big picture consciousness to anything it touches. But also possibly, the shadow of over expansion, overconfidence and over doing things. Right now, JUPITER is pretty much stopped at 5 degrees and change in Taurus, getting set to go direct on the 30th. So, its powerfully magnifying that spot and most of the other planets are just dancing around it. The 5 to 6 degrees Taurus Sabian Symbol key phrase is:
“A Bridge Being Built Across a Gorge, OVERCOMING, Finding a way to end separation and form group consciousness. Building bridges to end separation”.
That can’t be a bad thing these days. It is been in Rx though. Consequently, its mostly working on our inner selves. A lot of life renovation and inner bridge building since September if you think about it.

NEPTUNE also plays a big role this week, as it has for a while. It is still at 24 degrees PISCES, it has been all month, though direct now. It’s a big slow planet so it never moves much in a month even at its speediest. The energy of NEPTUNE at home in PISCES is literally deceptive. It can bring us great inspirations, spiritual insights and psychic abilities, but it can also be so ungrounded as to leave us vulnerable to internal or external falsehoods, disinformation and betrayal and only our deepest wisdom can dicern between the two. The Sabian symbol for this degree is:
“ROOTING OUT CORRUPTION, How ever sincere an initial impulse was, there will always be corrupting influences; sometimes it is best to restart and refresh, “Rid yourself of negative thought””.
So that’s been going on since mid-November. Think about it

NEPTUNE is just finishing an awkward square to the SUN which may have left us all a bit collectively or personally foggy early this month about who we are or our best direction, though we also may have had some amazing visions of what would be an ideal future for us. Now it trines VENUS in SAG exactly on the 25th bringing some dreamy romantic or nostalgic vibes to the week which will be nice, I’m sure, for Xmas day. Things may get a bit awkward as then NEPTUNE squares MERCURY, exactly a month after its first square in the Rx dance, possibly bringing back any assumptions and erroneous or bungled communications made in late November for review or for mistakenly doubling down on them. Some Xmas presents to return? LOL. Then it trickily squares MARS just after the Full MOON. More on that next week but be cautious of betting the farm or your heart to person or a cause this month. Wait until January to commit vital emotional or material resources or at least have an easy out or refundable ticket.

The MOON activates the healer/mentor CHIRON on Wednesday. Then the SOLSTICE happens and EARTH begins to wobble the other way, the days get longer here in the North and all the peoples celebrate. The MOON swings past JUPITER on the 22nd giving a little emotional flair to a faint but present MINOR GRAND SQUARE with SATURN sextile to all: SUN, MERCURY and JUPITER, MOON on the other side. A fine day for a bit of manifestation magic or last minute inspired shopping.
MERCURY Rx is combust (within 5 degrees) the SUN (again) weakening its influence by blending it with our ego desires from the 20th to the 25th , so maybe it won’t be quite so mischievous as this retrograde has shown to be for some of us. It goes cazimi (exactly conjunct between the EARTH and SUN) on Friday the 22nd which can actually amplify its influence for a day. So be extra patient with its shenanigans and you will see in the long run it was really being mostly helpful or at least basically harmless, except to your ego.

That lucky and jovial trine between the SUN and JUPITER should give the week a good lift and the DEC 26th FULL MOON in CANCER will be sextile to it as it anchors a magical MINOR GRAND TRINE on the 26th made of SATURN, JUPITER and the MOON. All will be well if we keep our egos reined in, don’t overindulge in anything and don’t jump to any rash conclusions. Just enjoy the week if you can. It’s the Holy-days after all.