Things just won’t settle down, lol. I finally returned from my month-long travels around the Southwest and hit the ground running at home trying to weave up all the loose threads from April’s epicness. New place to live, new car, new collaborations and plans to be made for this summer’s teaching /travel schedule. I suspect that for a lot of you, things-to-do and opportunities just keep popping up while you’re still making adaptations to the big changes initiated last month as well.

This week on May 15th, as the MOON squares the SUN on its way to the FULL MOON the 23rd, we will be experiencing a continued buzz because the SUN (our collective and personal self, authority and creative ambitions) will be essentially conjunct expansive and optimistic JUPITER in Taurus. It is “continued” because the SUN just passed its conjunction with the disruptive and innovative URANUS last week (Interestingly but not unexpectedly, coinciding with the massive solar flares, hmmm). URANUS and JUPITER have been adding a lot of excitement to this post-eclipse time and they are not done yet. It’s a sign and reflector of the big changes happening in our lives and world values and conditions. We will be seeing all the various shoes drop over a long timeline, as this energy ripples forward.

More immediately, on the 15th MERCURY will change signs to Taurus, soothing out some of the agitation we’ve all been dealing with in our thoughts and movements for months. What a relief! But like coming down off a caffeine binge we may get a serious drop, such as getting sick or depressed for a few days (if we haven’t experienced these burnout symptoms already), from the overdraw on our chi. PLUTO will be squaring MERCURY too giving it a thrust towards the dark and serious cogitation for its first few days in Taurus. As always, consistent cultivation of our resilience, honesty and courage is key for navigating this era well, however that may look for you.

On the 18th the SUN exactly conjuncts JUPITER which will be peaking our self-confidence for better or worse. Uncertainty whether it is egotistical hubris or authentic self-assuredness will likely be present as it will also be semi-square to MARS and sextile to NEPTUNE. So don’t make any “too good to be true” deals with shady salesmen or impulsively join forces with charismatic characters (or act out any of those archetypes yourself) for at least the next week or so. We actually better practice keeping our heads on straight for the next few years. Neptune’s confusing influence is looming as it dances in and out and into the anaretic degree of its home sign Pisces for many months. Delusions of escaping, being saved or being the savior will be very possible. We’ll all get a reality check though in 2025 and 2026 when it slips into Aries and conjuncts hardheaded SATURN a few times.

For the next week or so the SUN+JUPITER will be in near orb of a trine with PLUTO, (More PLUTO muckraking! WTF?!) forming a grand trine with the MOON that completes a loose kite configuration involving all those planets: SUN, JUPITER, PLUTO, NEPTUNE, MOON. So one way or another this week has some deep psychological punch.
As the SUN moves on it will move into heady, adaptable and perfunctory Gemini and exactly trines PLUTO on the 22nd while JUPITER exactly sextiles NEPTUNE on the 23rd; the day of the FULL MOON in Sagittarius. I’ll go over what that might auger as we get closer to it, but you might be well advised to start planning a short ceremonial journey or a couple of days alone in the wilderness for that time. It will pay off.