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“My astrology reading with Shivoso changed the course of my life. It was so on point, it helped me better understand myself and what the next steps we’re for me to take. The Astro cartography sent me on an adventure living in Costa Rica and to this day I remember the insight and the alignment that brings me back to my path again and again. Shivoso is not only incredibly knowledgeable but is also a delightful and empowering energy to work with.”

“Shivoso emits such a grounding light that has me feeling seen, heard and met. Somehow nothing I express feels too large or too out-there for him to hold in such compassion, understanding and even humour.  His colourful time-line enables him to find such profound relatability with so much of other’s life’s twists and turns … yet he has this childlike outlook and purity and it all seems to come from a place of such ancient wisdom. I adore my time with Shivoso, he truly is one of the most unique and truly epic humans I have met.”

“I’ve sat with Shivoso both as a client of his and as a colleague offering supplemental perspectives through the Gene Keys. I’ve worked with many other astrologers and in my experience, his grasp of the song of the spheres is superb. He’s offered me insights into my chart that I’ve not seen in other readings or been shown by other astrologers. I love Shivoso’s direct and expansive way of interpreting the sky through his multifaceted lenses, and his ability to translate what’s held there for anyone seeking guidance and support in their journey.”