When I was first exposed to astrology in the 1970’s, I was as skeptical as anyone with a typical, scientific-materialist education would be. After all, it was just the newspaper astrological columns to begin with. Since I am an obsessive learner about things I am interested in, that prompted me to explore not only my Sun sign (Sagittarius) in more in-depth sources, but also to look at my friends and family’s Sun signs too. It didn’t take long before many “spooky” correlations had emerged. Was it just wishful thinking and confirmation bias?

I continued my exploration for many years, trying to see clearly whether it was actually a useful tool or just a comforting delusion. Through that research I learned the archetypal meanings of Moon signs, Ascendants, Planets, Nodes, Aspects, Asteroids, etc. In addition I discovered the rich multicultural history of astrology and the remarkable reliability of the correlation of past transits with real events throughout written history.

With each investigation of personal planets and transits I studied, astrology continued to affirm that it extended far beyond mere coincidence, chance, or bias. I discovered many admirable individuals from the past and present used astrology to gain insights in their lives and work. Notably, Carl Jung, the famous psychologist, confirmed astrology’s essence as a pragmatic reflection of archetypal truths. He used it with many of his clients, while also having to conceal his use of it to the world at large during those more oppressive and judgmental times.

For the past 15 years, I have integrated astrology into my relationship coaching practice, using it to provide profound and fruitful insights to my clients. Astrology has allowed me to uncover their personal karmic patterns, identify tendencies in their current circumstances, and shed light on the unconscious dynamics underlying their intimate relationships. Now I am offering my astrology readings as a standalone service to anyone who is open-minded and seeking a new perspective on the trajectory of their lives.


There are lots of traditional and contemporary theories of how it could be the planets reflect in the lives of people on Earth, from the gods to quantum mechanics. Honestly, I believe that no one really has absolute knowledge on this question. In my opinion it is ultimately a metaphysical matter which, for us, in our current existence and will likely remain, “The Great Mystery” for the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, for both myself and my clients, it is sufficient that it has reliably provided imminently practical insights into the self and the exigencies of their lives.

One misconception that has persisted since ancient times is that astrology is a deterministic and strictly predictive technique, implying a pre-ordained, fated, and inevitable future. Based on my experience, I view astrology more as an art form combined with millennia of careful observations of correlations. Similar to observing climate trends and current conditions to forecast the weather. It offers indications, and give advice such as, bringing an umbrella when it’s likely to rain, but it doesn’t precisely predict the trajectory of each raindrop. By understanding the initial conditions through a natal chart and considering the current and future aspects, a conscious individual can make responsible choices as their reality unfolds in its consummate way. Studying past aspects and correlating them to what actually occurred can go a long way towards giving one a sense of being part of larger movements and the perfect unfolding’s, to help us learn better ways of responding to life’s challenges and gifts.