may 30 astrology forecast

HEADLINE! “Pesky PLUTO Ruins Everything!” Lol. Ok, PLUTO is far more intense than the word “pesky” implies and of course what Pluto augurs is not necessarily negative. It actually represents the force of evolution, spiritual and material, in action. Though that energy is particularly present now, it might feel comforting to know it’s not that we somehow missed the bus on all the good stuff promised by JUPITER entering Gemini and conjuncting VENUS on the last FULL MOON. MARS in Aries has been adding its half square irritations to the vibe as well. So while we may feel quite off at times, some really good things are happening. It’s been a mixed bag for sure.

As we head into the week preceding the NEW MOON we are still dealing with the parade of trines formed by PLUTO with planets as they each pass into GEMINI. PLUTO deserves a lot of respect for signifying the dredging up and transformation of the darkest energies. We understandably do not like or want to experience its process, though from the big perspective it is a necessary part of the universe. Check out this partial list of PLUTO’s attributes from the brilliant Richard Tarnes, who has, among other extraordinary creations, developed the art and science of archetypal astrology:

Pluto: Elemental power, depth, and intensity; that which compels, empowers, and intensifies whatever it touches, sometimes to overwhelming and catastrophic extremes; concern with survival, sex, or power, the lower chakras; the primordial instincts, libidinal and aggressive, destructive and regenerative, volcanic and cathartic, eliminative, transformative, ever-evolving; the biological processes of birth, sex, and death, the cycle of death and rebirth; upheaval, breakdown, decay, and fertilization; violent purgatorial discharge of pent-up energies, purifying fire; situations of life-and-death extremes, power struggles, all that is titanic, potent, and massive; Freud’s primordial id, “the broiling cauldron of the instincts”, the powerful forces of nature emerging from its chthonic depths, within and without, the intense, fiery underworld and underground in all senses: elemental, geological, instinctual, political, social, sexual, urban, criminal, mythological, demonic; the dark, mysterious, taboo, and often terrifying reality that lurks beneath the surface of things, beneath the ego, societal conventions, and the veneer of civilization, etc.”

We are experiencing a kind of precursor with these trines of PLUTO’s upcoming synergistic and epic geometry with URANUS and NEPTUNE that really gets going next year. In my opinion it looks like an ongoing process for the next three or more years of powerfully airing the basement of our personal and collective psyche in order to force us to evolve “or else”. Yeah, that’s heavy. I see it as analogous to having to “get well” in a medicine ceremony; unpleasant, ofttimes wrenchingly so, but necessary, and you feel much better after. If you manage to resist and restrain it you will suffer, and have to do it all over again. Imagine the whole world “getting well” somehow over the next 5 years. Whoa!

Of course, that is just one long bass note of the full symphony of life the planets are reflecting right now. We do have VENUS delightfully conjunct the SUN and MERCURY ingeniously conjunct JUPITER, all in airy and sparkly Gemini this week to add the balance of buoyant optimism, inspiration and love to the tune. Its never all gloom and doom in the universe, no matter what the news cycle focuses on to limbically hijack our vulnerable attention and sell us the next big thing.  It is just business as usual for PLUTO to keep things evolving.

NEPTUNE has been sextile to expansive JUPITER this moon cycle, amplifying our dreams and imaginations, for good or ill. That’ll get a boost just before MERCURY passes over into Gemini on JUNE 3rd and makes its exact trine to PLUTO. We might be having a lot of vivid dreams lately, especially about the past or love or money. We may feel occasionally burdened by generalized fears or conversely it is possible to feel inspired and empowered to go for our dream life right now. Probably both in waves. There is a lot of potential in the air. Perhaps it would be good to journal your divine inspirations or share them with close friends. It is the kind of time where we can choose, to a certain degree, to grow with the challenges or stay asleep and be suffering to no good purpose.

The MOON enters Gemini on the 5th and rapidly conjuncts all the benefic planets in the early degrees there. We have the NEW MOON conjoining with the SUN and affectionate and sensual VENUS around mid Gemini on the 6th. Hopefully that will set the tone and lift the vibe for the next 2 weeks but PLUTO may once again impede that. We are far from out of the deep dark woods yet. We’ll see next week what is in store for us.