A friend of mine called this period we are in “The Quickening”. Sure feels like it! As if we all thought the flow was accelerated as could be, but it seems the tension, the lessons and the opportunities just seem to keep ramping up. Everyone will be experiencing this according to their own chart and circumstances, but I’m betting you are all collectively feeling the buzz and rumble of “something coming”.

To wit, the Pisces NEW MOON conjunction on MARCH 10 is sextile Uranus while Uranus is square Mars. This is a pretty volatile configuration of energies. It sets a tone of forcefully busting down walls and making moves for some kind of liberation. Not for just that day but during much of this period we may be dealing with the ramifications of this as we head towards a culminating eclipse at the FUUL MOON. Change is in the air for sure, as PLUTO is also sextile to MERCURY later that day so we won’t be disposed to subtle about bringing up ideas and communications erupting out of our depths and shadows. Limiting and conservative SATURN and imaginative and unlimited NEPTUNE are also in Pisces adding their pretty much opposing archetypal energies to the proceedings. Finding balance might be challenging, but it could auger some practical steps towards some idealistic or spiritual ways through it all.
Chiron is still somewhat conjunct the North Node continuing giving us an opportunity to move through old wounds and patterns. It can be uncomfortable to say the least, but hopefully we will be motivated to reach out for wise council and outgrow our victim conditioning.

The MOON will sextile SATURN just before it sweeps over JUPITER on the 13th hopefully settling us down a bit in preparation for JUPITER’s inevitable boost as the moon sweeps over it. JUPITER is within orb of URANUS now and that oncoming conjunction (exact April 20th ,so we get to work with this juice for a while) is bound to be fomenting some surprising action on the world stage as well as in our personal lives. JUPITER can auger good fortune and lucky breaks if it doesn’t overdo it and build the fire too high and hot. We can already feel that train coming around the bend, so aim high but also double check you have a good landing spot. A lot of similes all mixed up there but I hope you get the picture. It’s a powerful opportunity to break free of stagnant, outmoded and toxic patterns and we have plenty of that shit to deal with in the world for sure!

The Moon hits its waxing square to the SUN on the 16th giving us a potential burst of inspiration and/or frantic confusion because the SUN will also be exactly conjunct dreamy/ambiguous/ mystical NEPTUNE while the emotional intuitive MOON will also trine zealous MARS. Another good day to look before you leap to conclusions. Wait a few days to let your intuition clear before moving on anything major if you can.
Epic days for sure. Some of us will be sailing on these high seas and some of us will struggling in deep waters, so help where you can if you can. Ask for help if you need it.  As many of us as we can muster need to be heading to the light in these dark times and this year has a bunch going for it compared to the recent past. Call me for a reading if you want a clearer schematic of what ship you are sailing and how best to navigate these times with it.