Well as usual, it’s been a big week for a lot of us with the Mars-Venus conjunction and JUPITERS’s square-dance with it coulda gone beautifully or trainwrecked for you. Its still a happening thing, though waning, so we all still have chance to get in flow with good fortune.

This week when the moon comes square to the SUN on the 3rd, it will also be nearly squaring SATURN and MERCURY which are finishing their conjunction with the SUN in Pisces. Squares are aspects the compel us to make a choice, to do something either unconsciously (and so often seemingly pushed from outside ourselves by fate) or consciously and in alignment with our dharma or souls purpose (and so in closer harmony with the flow of the universe, not our ego). Kinda a big deal that happen all the time, so common we often don’t notice the choice points or resist and resent the external push. That’s why they are labeled a malefic or unfortunate aspect. Then we have to deal with the downstream ramifications of the choices or non-choice we make. Lotta pressure to wake up and make wise decisions in right timing. This square is no different, just might be a bit more noticeable because of the MOON’s (emotions, intuitions, moods, memory) square with MERCURY (mind, thoughts, movement, communication), the SUN (self-identity, ego, consciousness, vitality), and SATURN (time, structures, limits, maturity) in Pisces (dreamy, imaginative, spiritual, escapist, delusions) all close together. As you can see there is a wide range of potentials here, but likely a good time to make and share plans that align with your higher ideal life and face those serious conversations that need to be undertook while those three planets are still more or less conjunct all week.

As you can see from the chart the MOON’s NODES will also have some flowing trines and sextiles with the MOON and MARS-VENUS this week adding some assistance for dealing with “uncomplicated” subjects such as relationships and major life directions. Lol. Since VENUS and MARS will also be square to disruptive, innovative and freedom seeking URANUS all week there is a lot of juice for perhaps experiencing surprising, and (in the long term) beneficial changes in those MARS, VENUS realms where we may have felt stuck or unsure for quite some time. That is if we responsibly lean into the pressure instead of away.

Monday the 4th the MOON briefly squares NEPTUNE giving our imaginations a boost if we don’t just get confused and deluded by our fears and desires. The 5th the MOON does a sextile to SATURN and trine to JUPITER lending a bit of the wise ruler to our MOON-ish intuition and emotions. A good day to invoke the inner sage or perhaps find a supportive mentor of some kind. The 6th the MOON starts its monthly series of planetary conjunctions. PLUTO comes first giving us some brief possibility of exposure of our suppressed emotions. Or an overbearing vibe because aggressive MARS is next, with its aforementioned square to liberating/explosive URANUS still active. If there isn’t a wise outlet for this energy we could find ourselves (collectively) angrily and foolishly punching holes in our walls or something like that. VENUS and the MOON on the 8th soothes things a bit: Romance, art, dancing etc. are all accentuated. MOON conjunct SATURN on the 9th ostensibly settling things down a bit more because Dad is in the house before the NEW MOON augers on the 10th . Well, except the SUN will be sextile to stir-it-up URANUS that whole time infusing an electric feel to our inner selves and initiating a likelihood of revelations or revolutions in our way of being. Processes that we may not really see the full fruition of until the Sun reaches Aries and JUPITER closes in on URANUS in April. As usual, your results may vary, lol

Fairly active this moon-th as we should be getting used to by now. It helps to see the true nature of cycles as everything that is happening (And has been happening) is set-up wave for the next wave as we are all in a decades long global and personal renovation project whether we like it or not. Its all about seeing the ocean as it is and getting good at surfing, accepting effort and wipeouts as part of the process of learning.