Plot twist! And another and another… Life may feel quite chaotic these days for a lot of us. Eclipses, Conjunctions, Mercury Rx and even semi-squares and semi-sextiles (more on those later) seem to be conspiring to upset the apple cart of our expectations. It’s not necessarily all a bad thing if you’ve got bandwidth to absorb the sudden shifts and to deal with the numerous tasks, obstacles, delays and disappointments. These are like chiropractic adjustments to our collective trajectory and psyche that are necessary for getting in synch with the true reality.

As I said last week, we astrologers can get pretty excited about eclipses and there is a lot of information and misinformation out there right now about this one. “The sky is Falling! The sky is Falling!” Right?. Eclipses Are a big deal, and this one definitely has a lot of astrological oomph to it for sure, Still, I want to front that though these cosmic influences are significant, it is still all part of a mix of infinite influences, both personal and collective. Like the news weathermen, people can exaggerate and catastrophize things for the limbic capture it generates and I’ve certainly seen that happening on this occasion. In actuality it doesn’t need much exaggeration though. If you’ve been tracking the energies, you can feel that April is another peak in a very peaky year and there is a significant buzz if intensity about this eclipse.

Why is that? Well, It’s in Aries for a start. Not only is Aries ruled by MARS and all the fire and action that comes with that, but also its the first sign of the zodiac: Initiations and new beginnings on top of the same energies augured by a NEW MOON. This beginnings energy also implies endings which can involve loss, grieving and letting go. There is plenty of aggression as well as grief in the world right now. Also, this eclipse is (unusually) exactly conjunct CHIRON while pretty near the NORTH NODE/SOUTH NODE axis: our original wounds and the healing journey thereof, our past and future fate, Karma and Dharma, all get stirred by this NEW MOON Eclipse.

Our stability is getting shaken quite a bit this month as well with the oncoming conjunction of JUPITER and URANUS, now just a little more than 1 degree apart by the 8th. URANUS brings rapid, sometimes explosive reformations, innovations, re-visions, and revolutions. JUPITER expands everything it touches. While JUPITER is usually a benefic energy, it can overdo it too. It might be a while before we see the positivity in what URANUS is delivering right now and as always it’ll hit everyone differently. “What one gathers, another spills”. This is just the beginning of a few years with a powerful URANUS emphasis, as PLUTO and NEPTUNE will move into prolonged aspects with it. The big changes in our lives and world are certainly astrologically en route in this decade.

Since most of the planets are packed on one side of the sky right now it is also a time of many conjunctions and short-arc aspects such as the sextile, semisextile and semisquare. Though not usually mentioned in astrology, the latter two aspects are only minor in the sense that they have a tight orb and hence have a relatively brief influence, often just days. Not really “minor” as in weak. Still, there are going to be a lot of them and it will be possibly significant as so many planets do their dance in Aries, Pisces and Taurus. Semisextiles put planets 30 degrees apart: The same degree in two adjacent signs. Adjacent signs often have very different, if not opposite energies. In this case it is Pisces, Aries and Taurus. Respectively: Water, Fire and Earth- Imagination, Action and Manifestation- Idealism/delusion, Audacity/aggression, Practical/stubborn. It is patently inadvisable to try to reduce any sign’s delineations to a few keywords, but you get the idea. So, though the 30 degree angle may flow smoothly under the surface like a sextile, it could also be slightly conflicting. The semisquare or half-square is also often in adjacent signs but has the vibe of a square; action, friction, conflict, irritation, etc, only more subtly and under the rug, as it were. So, there will be, unusually, many days with some trying undercurrents influencing the vibe.

For instance, the Eclipse will be semisextile to JUPITER and URANUS giving it even more impetus for transformation. Also, VENUS will be semisquare to JUPITER and URANUS at the same time pushing us to make those transformations harmonious for things we hold dear and sacred, such as relationships and money. Yeah, all that may not go as smoothly as we would like but it’ll go. By the time you all read this you will be deep in it or still experiencing the initial outcomes. Blessings on your journey!

Well, though things move on the 9th still has those aforementioned semisextiles and semisquares happening with the SUN-CHIRON to JUPITER-URANUS, as well as the MOON square to PLUTO, likely bringing up some deep-rooted feelings and intuitions that day related to our healing.

The 10th has the same aspects, except the MOON moves on to conjunct JUPITER, URANUS, so change is still very much in the air and a closing MARS-SATURN conjunction will finally perfect. This will be in orb for a week either side and has an effect of giving some determination and discipline, if not stubbornness, to our psyches and actions. For good or for ill.

The 11th the MARS, SATURN cluster is semisextile to the NORTH NODE for a few days. A good time to lean in even more on actions for creating the future you really want. Just be aware everyone else will also be doing that, though perhaps at cross purposes to your values. Frustration and conflict. JUPITER, URANUS is still slightly semisextile to SUN, CHIRON as the SUN comes on to conjunct MERCURY Rx. Ongoing shifts and change energy! And lets not forget MERCURY Rx has been making all this week really “interestin”. Glitches, delays, frustrations and constant distractions could be an constant theme of this time because of that.

The 12th the MOON squares MARS-SATURN for a bit while PLUTO is semisquare them. Yeah, that could get hot: passions from the shadow side or real power plays once again for good or ill.

On the 13th  we are still doing semisquares between MERCURY Rx-CHIRON to JUPITER-URANUS and also NORTH NODE to MARS-SATURN with its semi square to PLUTO. This shit don’t let up!

By the 14th , he MOON will trine MARS-SATURN, hopefully bringing some much-needed compassion to our actions motivated by her simultaneous squares to the NORTH NODE and CHIRON.

We reach the first quarter square MOON by the 15th, halfway to the FULL MOON on April 23rd. The MOON will be trine NEPTUNE that day, so dreams and daydreams might be manifest. Could be dreams about practical matters as SATURN is semisextile to the NORTH NODE.

Sorry, I know that’s a lot of information to track, but for those of you who find value in a heads up or a “what just happened?” mapping I hope it is helpful. It’s probably been a super stressful time for most of us and really hard to slow down enough to keep ourselves oriented in the right direction. Trust in the ultimate coherency of the flow is essential. Take some comfort in that we are all experiencing this wild rising tide together and it is absolutely necessary as well as inevitable. Be as compassionate as you can with yourself and others and be vigilant for taking care of your safety and sovereignty while these transformations take place. Nurture conscientiously those relationships that are authentically supporting you and pulling with you in the direction your soul wants/needs to go. Absolutely stay aware of the inherent shortsightedness of fear that will pull us in directions that lead to suffering and dystopia.