Well, here we go, lol. A FULL MOON in Sagittarius that will likely feel more expansive, optimistic dreamy and romantic than we are used to after the months of intense inner and outer work. Of course, everything has its shadow possibilities so let’s not go overboard. The world is still in the turmoil of the slow-pocalypse and not everyone has been feeling a lift, many just the opposite. Such is the way of the world, the rhythm and the inherent duhkha of the world. Onward the wheel turns.

For the FULL MOON on May 23rd , with VENUS conjunct JUPITER in Taurus, the focus is on upgrading relationships, finances, home, sensuality, beauty and the good things in life.   The Sagittarius-Gemini axis is pretty enthusiastic and open minded as it is, and since the SUN is almost exactly trine to, and the MOON sextile PLUTO in Aquarius we will hopefully feel powerful, charismatic and ready to do something inspired to an unusual degree around this FULL MOON. We also have NEPTUNE supporting our imaginations and dreams through its synergistic sextiles to JUPITER+VENUS and PLUTO. PLUTO will also be trine to the MOON just before it gets full. You may have noticed a lot of interesting dreams all this week as these powerful aspects come on since the lord of dreams, imagination and delusions NEPTUNE is hovering at the powerful, anaretic, 29th degree of its home sign Pisces.

OK, so where is the inevitable fly in the ointment? Well, as usual with all JUPITER aspects there is a danger of overdoing it, over confidence and bulling ahead despite warnings especially in Taurus. The Gemini SUN can sometimes be a little giddy and bubbleheaded as well. So, though you may feel lucky, brilliant and inspired, and you are, pump the brakes a bit this week by slowing down, checking in that everyone is on the same page and perhaps ask a wise friend’s advice before you leap.
Not so much of a fly, but still possibly a source of tension with this FULL MOON, we have some semi-squares and sesquisquares (half-square and square-and-a-half) to deal with from MARS to the SUN opposite MOON and also from JUPITER + VENUS to the MOON’s NODES, adding some unwelcome impatience, impulsiveness and a backstage push to make life-pivotal actions that may not be easy to modulate correctly.

Later on the 23rd the above aspects will continue with a slightly different beat as VENUS makes its entrance into Gemini chasing the SUN which is leading the parade into Gemini. This air sign brings open-minded, intellectual, clever, flirty, adventurous and/or superficial, flakey, gossipy vibe to the journey. Remember, VENUS is all about the quality of our experience and things we value; love, money, beauty and harmony. JUPITER expands, the SUN is ourselves and MERCURY is what we think and communicate. They have all been blending together this May with unpredictable and explosive URANUS in the mix. It has been quite a run for us all and not everyone has had a good time or tragically even made it through. We’ll likely feel some passion, intensity and life-or-death truth going for a week or two because PLUTO in URANUS ruled Aquarius is trine to the SUN, then to VENUS, then JUPITER, then to MERCURY in tight sequence as each planet enters Gemini over the next 2 weeks. Trines are usually nice smooth aspects but PLUTO doesn’t always play nice. All those planets now moving into Gemini will rev up the cosmic pulse and bring a mental emphasis after all the sensual and steady Taurus vibe we had in most of May. VENUS-May 23, JUPITER-May 26, MERCURY-June 3. With the SUN already there, It’ll be a noticeable change in frequency.

The ongoing MARS in Aries half-square to VENUS will continue to indicate tension and dissatisfaction with our Venusian themes. MARS has had that semi-square, first to the SUN, and then VENUS, all through MAY. It will be peaking as MARS conjuncts CHIRON on the 28th, and with PLUTO all up in the mix, despite all the possible yum, you may notice some disagreeable moments through May as old material or negative states of mind have been brought up to be dealt with consciously or unconsciously. As always, these uncomfortable aspects are necessary for developing the virtues of acceptance and allowance, so the requisite affection for self and others can move to the fore. It’ll thankfully chill that vibe out after June 1st.
AFOG…Another Fucking Opportunity for Growth
On the 30th the MOON reaches its last quarter square to the SUN just hours before she conjuncts SATURN early on the 31st , kicking off the waning week towards the NEW MOON which I will talk more about on the current YouTube forecast and in detail here next week. Search for Shivoso on YouTube and you’ll find my channel, Intimacy Arts with the video forecast and intuitive energy reading with Phina Kemper.