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As the MOON makes it way towards full and comes into square with the SUN on the 13th we will have an unusually synchronized conjunction between the SUN and MERCURY the planet of communication, mind and travel. Seems like we’ve had a lot of these unusually coincidental conjunctions lately, eh? The universe is certainly reflecting the profundity of these times here on Earth.

The WAXING SQUARE MOON always indicates a time of feeling pushed to complete the next step in whatever we consciously or unconsciously initiated at the NEW MOON. Having MERCURY right there this time adds a mental angle to it: Cogitation about our progress with plans and projects. When a planet is exactly “combust” the SUN it is also said to lose its power until it is past that point, so with MERCURY there we may be briefly spaced out on the morning of the 14th (9:22 AM Pacific Time). Check it out for yourself and let me know what you experience that day. The other close aspect at the QUARTER MOON will be CHIRON sextile to the SUN/MERCURY. CHIRON directs our attention to our deeper problems, dis-ease or chronic patterns. The sextile helps this flow with ease.

NEPTUNE gets involved over the next few days as it starts to square the oncoming conjunction between MERCURY and VENUS and begins to square the SUN. Our dreams may have become more vivid and personal during as these aspects come into orb this week. NEPTUNE can also signify a wide range of characteristics: deception, confusion, lethargy and spacey-ness or inspiration, imagination, ideals and spiritual revelations. Notably, the last few degrees of signs (where all 4 planets involved are right now) is noted for being a particularly influential (anaretic) degree. So, right? It can go either way for us all as we use those days to contemplate our relationships, finances, aesthetic choices or travel plans with those in mind.

On the 17th both MERCURY and VENUS cross over together into deep feeling and sensitive Cancer, followed by the SUN on the Solstice June 20th. That should mellow things out a bit and bring our focus more inward and increase our sensitivity to the subtleties. Hopefully nurturing, comfort and peace will be a bigger priority with Cancer and not its extreme shadow side of hyper-sensitivity and emotional dis-regulation. As with all transits, it will probably manifest in some mix of both.

Don’t overlook that PLUTO Rx in Aquarius is as ever, pushing our evolution without consent (Cue maniacal laugh). Its extended sextile to NEPTUNE is still in effect signaling years of true epiphanies and false prophets. This week PLUTO moves into an awkward Quincunx (Inconjunct, 150 degrees, whatever) aspect with VENUS and MERCURY just as they enter Cancer, indicating a temptation to the more neurotic, obsessive and/or controlling expressions of those planets for a few days. Then it does the same aspect to the SUN right on the FULL MOON on the 21st giving us a crux choice to dance with the dark or the light forces in our personal and collective psyche. Doing the deep work to become consciously aware of our shadows is the only way to ride that dragon otherwise it just shows up in our lives as “bad luck” or fate and PLUTO is the archetypal signifier of all that. Just ask Carl Jung. Stay sober and awake through the FULL MOON this time and watch what you let in to your field. Shields up!