OK, we are deep in it now. When the NEW MOON hits on the 7th (or 8th elsewhere) we will have plenty of PLUTO and SATURN energy going on as well as a good dose of CHIRON. Kinda a heavy start to MAY for all of us alas, but heavy bad, or heavy good is up to a lot of other factors. Factors you would find in your natal birth chart and also in your attitude towards shadow work.

At the NEW MOON we have SATURN, the planet of limits and responsibility and timing is in a semi-square (45 degrees) with PLUTO, the underworld, the unconscious, and hidden power as well as the great transformer: death and rebirth. Slow and ponderous as it always is, it is barely moving at all right now as it just turned retrograde on the 2nd. The SUN-MOON conjunction will be in sextile that day to SATURN as well, and in semi-square with MARS, making all this feel irritatingly personal and motivationally relevant to the usual initiatory energy of the NEW MOON. It may feel as if we are being held back in order to face some things we tend to overlook or repress in ourselves and in the world. Here is a synopsis of these energetics: Powerful dissatisfactions or frustrations with our collective and personal position and progress may arise from the depths (PLUTO), motivating us to lean in harder (semi-square), to use our metaphysical and psychic tools (Pisces) with patience and discipline to achieve the correct goals in the long run (SATURN). This SATURN-PLUTO semisquare happens 3 times in the next year due to retrogrades so it’s a repeating theme for 2024/25. It will likely have some sort of resolution when SATURN finally sextiles PLUTO in the summer of 2025 and the spring of 2026. The world change is slow but inexorable and this is just a foretaste.

CHIRON is conjunct MERCURY exactly on the 6th but is very much in effect all week. Chiron the wounded healer and mentor joined with MERCURY in Aries twice before and now we really get to clear some of those old wounds and/or serve someone in that process. A lot of pain has come up to be cleared in the last month and now we get to move forward with whatever we have accomplished.

We still have URANUS and JUPITER doing their generational liftoff dance Keeping things in a flux of change and it’s going to get reactivated as the MOON touches them both on the 8th. We will have 5 planets in Taurus while the MOON is there, bringing a focus on the Taureian themes of thoroughness, sensuality and perseverance which we will need to build something beautiful out of all the recent shakeups and shakedowns our world is going through.

MARS, CHIRON, MERCURY and the NORTH NODE are still in Aries which will keep the heat at a simmer for now. There is also the possibility of screwing down the lid too tight (Taurus=stubborn) and things might blow up (Aries=impulsivity) but also getting some real progress on projects to improve our local environment and home too. MARS at home in Aries, and VENUS at home in TAURUS are both in their power spots, but I think VENUS will be getting its way more as it and the SUN both approach the JUPITER-URANUS conjunction zone.  You may have noticed it’s been pretty mentally agitated, stimulated and focused lately and it will remain so until MERCURY moves into TAURUS next week. Though it may feel hard to rest, we could all benefit from some time in quiet contemplation and walks in nature away from stimulation so our deeper inspirations and natural internal processing can catch up. This would be a great time to plan something like that for later in May as the FULL MOON approaches. More on that next week.