new moon forecast june 6 to june 13

I gotta tell you all, I’m pretty consistently getting  my mind blown by all the ongoing astrological epic-ness nowadays. Every week is bringing such an unusual intensity to the times that is reflected in the stars that it feels consistently mytho-historical/archetypal. This what a real apocalypse (from apokaluptein ‘uncover, reveal’) looks like, and because of the dualistic balance intrinsic to existence, this can manifest in our lives in a polarity of ways, positive and negative; in actuality a bewildering mix of both. This NEW MOON on June 6th is another fine example of this.

Though the conjunction between the SUN, MOON and VENUS is majorly beneficent, auguring love, beauty and good things all around, they are simultaneously aligning disconcertingly with a couple of heavy hitters and synergistically with a couple more, that deepens, darkens and clouds the warm turquoise lagoons of this close connection between the three sky objects representing our self, our emotions/intuitions and Love and the desirable things of life. It still has the potential to be a lovely time, but how you handle this now will also likely go on your permanent record. So, stay awake!

PLUTO Rx in future oriented Aquarius, has been trine to one thing after another lately and so dropping its heavy “death and rebirth” vibe at our doors. It is now exactly trine to inflationary and exuberant JUPITER. It is simultaneously in a disconcerting and irritating square-and-a-half (sesquisquare) to the NEW MOON/SUN/VENUS conjunction. This is likely to bring dramatic challenges that can only be handled gracefully with truth, courage and impeccable principles. These may have been brewing for a while and will be pretty obvious if we can step back and really look at our circumstances. It may be an sneaky shove to get things moving ready or not. We can measure the degree to which we stuck the landing of all this by the sense of looming chaos remaining in the areas of our finances, relationships and our emotional lives over the next few weeks. BTW, Underneath all this PLUTO is in its long-term sextile to NEPTUNE which will be strongly opening a portal to the sublime metaphysical and tragically delusional realms for the next few years. Intuitions, genius, revelations and awakenings are already amplified now though hard to notice in the concurrent floods of Orwellian doublespeak and materialist chicanery. Its mycelial. All of this is in NEPTUNE’s wheelhouse as it lurks in the intensified last degree of its power-sign Pisces. URANUS moves into the early degrees of Gemini starting in a year or two, where it will sextile NEPTUNE too and trine PLUTO until the end of the decade. I humbly predict we will have to deal with an abundance of charismatic spiritual messiahs, convincing political charlatans and snake oil totalitarian movements of all stripes appearing to rescue us from or plunge us into our nightmares when the real answers will be surreptitiously emerging from deep within courageous millions or hopefully billions of us. “Don’t follow leaders, watch your parkin meters”.

At the NEW MOON the SUN-MOON-VENUS cluster will also be moving into a series of squares with SATURN, the lord timing, discipline and karma, seeming to force crux choices on us. The trick here is to keep an eye out for opportunities to make wise moves to stabilize things for the wellbeing of your relationships, prosperity and goals with the control, finesse and poise of a samurai monk. With right timing it will go unexpectedly smoothly, if you slack or hesitate it gets harder and harder to get things on course.

That NEW MOON cluster of objects will also just be coming off synergistic aspects of a sextile to the NORTH NODE (future) and a trine to the SOUTH NODE (past), which is indicting this is a vital moment in our life trajectories and should be given appropriate attention for our growth and sense of purpose. All this all unfolds and unwinds over the next weeks in Gemini, the air sign of open-minded but possibly superficial communication and ideas, with lots of swirling mental winds and counter winds. Its likely to continue to feel like we are riding a wild whirlwind, at least all the way through the upcoming FULL MOON when we get to more inward and deep feeling Cancer.

MARS will move into Taurus on the 9th which will show up as a more determined, stoic and stubborn vibe after the recent dramatic impulsivity of Aries. It will unfortunately also be immediately moving through a perilous square with PLUTO for a week or so. This will be reflected in the urge to fight, dominate or act out in anger, though even this has the possibility to be turned to a passionate and indomitable commitment for the Good, The True, and the Beautiful with the right guiding principles. Be cautious when you pull out the blade for it cuts both ways even when drawn for “good reasons”. Squares, though challenging and compelling, are powerful choice points where our wisdom will show through and where the future circumstance of our lives are seeded.

Coincidentally, SATURN will be square to MERCURY around the 12th as SATURN is still separating from its square to the SUN and VENUS, auguring a choice between a bit of welcome focus and mental discipline or a perception of unwelcome blocks and frustrations aided by a developing irritating half-square with MARS.

CHIRON the wounded healer/mentor will start a sequence of smooth sextiles starting with VENUS on June 10th, the SUN on the 12th and finally MERCURY on the 13th lending a therapeutic undertone to the week. A good time to commit to some self-development and insight tools (such as having your birth chart eh? Nudge, nudge).

That brings us to the WAXING QUARTER MOON on the 13th where the MOON will move through square MERCURY, then the SUN, then VENUS and oppose SATURN. Might be a good day to work alone on your domestic to-do list before the parade starts into Cancer next week.

As always, this is all a reading for the general collective and your experience will be majorly dependent on the placements of your birth chart and your level of consciousness development. It’s just another test in the eternal school of life. Do your best and don’t take anything too personally. Reality is just showing us where we are in or out of alignment with natural law and our true purpose. Keep in mind that this is true for each day week month and year of your life and its never over. Though it’s true you can’t get to East Street from here, the ride is as beautiful and sublime as it is harrowing.