This week’s waning MOON square to the SUN on May 1st continues the PLUTO theme started at the FULL MOON in Scorpio square PLUTO, last week. Cleaning and tidying the basement and getting to know what’s down there, so to speak, or less cool, unconsciously acting out our stifled and lurking parts on ourselves and others. A grand opportunity to see the crowd that struggle behind the curtain to be pulling ours and others levers, both collectively and personally. MARS, the higher octave of PLUTO, spins over into its home sign of Aries on the 1st as it is sextile to PLUTO. More fire, more willfulness for getting things done, unfortunately likely more impulsivity, more impatience and more aggression too can be expected. As if we hadn’t had enough of Aries energy already this year. The whole 1st week of May really has PLUTO square to VENUS AND sextile to MARS, as it switches signs plus a crunchy half square to SATURN all at the same tiime. Anything we’ve been repressing about relationship, money and responsibilities are likely to come up: Fears, resentments, secrets. Unless you deal with all this up-front it will likely show up in your life as fate. It’s a hassle to be accountable and responsible, but avoidance is worse in the long run, and PLUTO is always doing us a favor by inexorably dredging this shit up, even though we will not like it. You can run but you cannot hide.

Fortunately, the 3 planets and 1 energetic point now in fiery Aries are tempered by the 4 planets now moving through, stabilizing and friendly, Taurus helping us to move towards the most beautiful and true direction for us with courage and power if we let it. The number of near conjunctions are demanding a lot of flexibility and creativity from us to blend and profit from all these dancing archetypal energies. It has, and will feel like being pushed a lot the time. Overwhelm or near overwhelm are just part of the gig right now. With so much is getting moved and initiated though, it’s totally possible to be excited and inspired instead. We all may be feeling all of the above in waves that come and go. In addition, with all the close clusters of planets in the sky right now there are consequently,still quite a few half-squares (semi-squares) and half sextiles (semi-sextiles) that will go on until the planets get spread out sometime later in the year. I’ll keep mentioning these “minor” aspects until they are less prevalent, but it’s also a good reminder that the standard aspects are far from all that are reflecting in our lives astrologically.

Semi-squares have the energy of push, friction and choice of squares but less overtly. Semi-sextiles bring the energy of two adjacent elements, in this case; Water (Pisces) and Fire (Aries) in two adjacent signs that have very different expressions and energies. Though it acts subtly and under the radar, it can often be a discordant energy if it isn’t noticed and handled correctly. Both aspects usually last from a few days to a week depending on the speed of the planet.

There is a Half-square on approximately the 3rd and 4th between The SUN and NEPTUNE asking us to look beyond just the 3d realms; dreams and imagination or irrational fears and nightmares may flare. Especially as the MOON passes NEPTUNE on the 4th.
The 6th has MERCURY exactly conjunct to CHIRON so there is that ongoing healing/healer theme peaking. Perhaps uncomfortable but familiar as this is the third pass for MERCURY this retrograde. Handling this with maturity will be aided by a SEXTILE between SATURN and the SUN. All that will still be in effect as the MOON conjuncts the SUN for the NEW MOON on the 7th.

It’s such a strangely epic time as I’m sure you all are aware. It is something beautiful, awe inducing and perhaps comforting to see our experiences down here reflected so consistently in the stars. The Law of Correspondence: “As above, So below, As within, So without” allows us to be a participant in this dance and not just a helpless mote. It really helps navigation and equanimity to know your own birth chart and follow along with that as well as the general astrology I give here.

I also hope that as you read these forecasts you begin to learn the language and archetypal meanings that make up the universe we live in and feel inspired to use astrology as a tool to connect yourself to the sacred cycles of nature.