This week as we move from the NEW MOON on the 5th to the WAXING square we get to experience a different vibe than we have during recent months. With PLUTO and now SATURN and NEPTUNE in their retrograde phases we may sense a slowing down and remedial feel to the bass rhythms that underlie the buzz and swoosh of the inner planets. Retrogrades give us a chance to rethink, revise and reappraise what we manifested during the times of direct motion. NEPTUNE Rx particularly indicates a period when we can see our illusions, delusions or fantasies get a reality check. We are also still in Cancer season for now, which has opened us all to a more sensitive and softer demeanor. With all that going on we may feel a bit more introverted, overwhelmed, touchy and/or insecure no matter what our circumstances. It is time to address and correct things that may have been idealized or tighten up some necessary details that were glossed over in the rush of events of the last few months.

On the NEW MOON we have disciplined and stodgy SATURN Rx in a harmonic sextile to assertive and impulsive MARS setting a tone of either focused determination or perhaps feeling held back and frustrated by the way things are going. It depends on 1. how it lands in your chart and 2. how you handle facing hard reality and responsibilities. CHIRON the keeper of wounds as teachings will be exactly square to VENUS the planet of love and financial wellbeing, encouraging us to face any fundamental problems we have in those realms. NEW MOONS represent new beginnings and set the tone for the next lunar cycle and this one looks to have something to do with the way we relate to each other, both collectively and personally.
Something challenging may come up for us around the 6th as the MOON, after sweeping across VENUS, briefly opposes PLUTO and trines NEPTUNE Rx. It is brief though, and may just flare up and pass, especially with NEPTUNE indicating we may want to just avoid any confrontation because we aren’t clear on what exactly to do or say. It’s a fact though, if these kind of PLUTO aspects are not dealt with up front they will often just fester in the background only to come up later with even more strength and disruption. JUPITER’S half square to VENUS that same day will energize just this kind of flare up to possibly be about power struggles in relationships, money or other things we hold dear. MERCURY just went through the same configuration to PLUTO and NEPTUNE last week and so this may feel like a bit of a continuation of that. VENUS itself is due to step into that same space as it enters LEO on the 11th and hits the same spot a day later. PLUTO stirring the muck and NEPTUNE Rx revealing where we may have deluded ourselves. It  is a time of necessary course corrections for sure. Let your highest principals be your guide; Do the right thing as best you can and you will likely look back in the near future and see how it was all a good and necessary trial.
The 7th to 9th may offer up some more forward movement and clarity as JUPITER and MERCURY both move into easier aspects with the NORTH and SOUTH NODES of Karma, perhaps inspiring us with a clearer path towards our goals or at least ideas to that effect. We do still have some more glitches to deal with before hitting the gas on those ideas though. As I mentioned above, VENUS has its time opposing PLUTO and trine NEPTUNE Rx on the 10th to 13th  revealing some deeper truths.
MARS is getting dangerously close to disruptive URANUS. It is due to exactly conjunct it on the 15th but it is likely already lighting some fuses here and there even before we get to the WAXING MOON square to the SUN on the 14th. MARS conjunct URANUS happens every couple of years and it’s not always a big conflagration but then sometimes it is.
Just before VENUS jumps over into “all-about-Me”, LEO and does its thing with PLUTO and NEPTUNE on the 11th the SUN synergistically trines SATURN Rx so we may have our feet on the ground as VENUS opposes PLUTO. Perhaps we can responsibly wrap up some of the dramas PLUTO has likely stirred up lately. PLUTO is constantly reminding us we can never get completely away from the underworld.
Overall it might feel like a challenging time we did not expect and may not feel we are quite up to dealing with. Yet if we do step up we should be on a less misdirected path by the second FULL MOON in Capricorn, July 21st. That’s gotta be a good thing. NEPTUNE RX will certainly be revealing any wishful thinking we have until it goes direct in December, so it is kind of a theme for this Summer and Fall. That way we can be oriented properly for whatever new inspirations that come in 2025 and not be lost in some kind of fictional Wonderland.