This week starts off with another in an undeniably endless series of opportunities to be exercising and honing our clear discernment. This FULL MOON, just a day after the Solstice, is barely edged over into Capricorn. The SUN, in opposition, of course, is just squeaking into Cancer. This is combined with the SUN and MOON forming in a t-square with nebulous NEPTUNE as the crux affecting both luminaries. It looks like we’ll all be called on to use our innate sagacity to separate truth from delusion on this one. NEPTUNE might give us a bit of an “Alice in Wonderland” feel for the whole Summer.

Capricorn where the MOON will be is ruled by stodgy SATURN and so has a certain impatience with any tomfoolery or emotional distractions from The Mission while the SUN in Cancer ruled by the MOON has its moth antenna fully extended to fully feel all the feels. It’s an interesting mix for sure, as opposing signs usually are. Yet when combined well they can create a mission that is practical, ambitious, loving and safe. Combined poorly; Stubborn, neurotic and fearful dramas may ensue. With NEPTUNE doing its murky push/pull t-square thing this week we may have trouble deciding which story we are in; the best or the worst. We my even have trouble rousing enough chi to focus because NEPTUNE loves to sleep and drift and dream.  This could be a long-term theme for this summer onwards as NEPTUNE is a major player for the next number of years. As I’ve pointed out previously, it is locking into a synergistic sextile with PLUTO, lord of the underworld and also sextile to URANUS, the planet of innovation and radical change until the late part of the decade. So as many of us as can manage it are going to need to become expert at the wisdom game to not let our worst shadows decide our fates.

Speaking of PLUTO, It will be in a brief but vexatious Quincunx (aka: 150 degrees or inconjunct) with the SUN on the 21st after doing the same disturbing aspect with VENUS and MERCURY last week. This may be indicating some subtle and deeper issues showing up around power dynamics in our personal lives, either as the perpetrator or recipient. It’s a fleeting but potentially revealing window on some usually hidden or repressed dynamics.

On the 22nd the MOON moves into an opposition with he messenger, MERCURY, and so into a Grand Cross with the MOON’s NODES of fate. In consequence the next couple of days may lend themselves to conversations or contemplations about important aspects of our collective or your personal past and future. Perhaps some debriefing about whatever PLUTO has been stirring up for us lately.

VENUS moves into a square with the MOON’s NODES on the 25th while MERCURY trines SATURN, lending us some determination to deal with any stagnant issues in our relationships or finances. On the 27th that VENUS vibe gets a push to assertive action as MARS moves into a synergistic sextile with VENUS around that same time. Be aware this could potentially create some more volatile reactions if progress feel blocked. Also, our aim for that progress might be less precise than we would like because MARS is also awkwardly half square to spacey NEPTUNE at the same moment, tempting us to shoot a bit wild.

The MOON arrives at its WANING QUARTER square to the SUN on the 28th centered between the NORTH NODE and CHIRON wrapping up what may feel like a sort of personal “make and mend” week after so many big aspects in the last few months. A chance to wrap up some loose ends.  Don’t let it just drift by in a summer dream. There is plenty of deep work ahead of us this year to hold our vision clear amidst all the distractions and misdirection.