We will go over all the Planets, their aspects to each other, the Houses and Signs in your chart and clearly explain the meaning of each and how it may be showing up in your life. I will send the recording to you via email so you can go back through it at any time for further insights.

This week’s waning MOON square to the SUN on May 1st continues the PLUTO theme started at the FULL MOON in Scorpio square PLUTO, last week. Cleaning and tidying the basement and getting to know what’s down there, so to speak, or less cool, unconsciously acting out our stifled and lurking parts on ourselves and others. A grand opportunity to see the crowd that struggle behind the curtain to be pulling ours and others levers, both collectively and personally. MARS, the higher octave of PLUTO, spins over into its home sign of Aries on the 1st as it is sextile to PLUTO. More fire, more willfulness for getting things done, unfortunately likely more impulsivity, more impatience and more aggression too can be expected. As if we hadn’t had enough of Aries energy already this year. The whole 1st week of May really has PLUTO square to VENUS AND sextile to MARS, as it switches signs plus a crunchy half square to SATURN all at the same tiime. Anything we’ve been repressing about relationship, money and responsibilities are likely to come up: Fears, resentments, secrets. Unless you deal with all this up-front it will likely show up in your life as fate. It’s a hassle to be accountable and responsible, but avoidance is worse in the long run, and PLUTO is always doing us a favor by inexorably dredging this shit up, even though we will not like it. You can run but you cannot hide.

Fortunately, the 3 planets and 1 energetic point now in fiery Aries are tempered by the 4 planets now moving through, stabilizing and friendly, Taurus helping us to move towards the most beautiful and true direction for us with courage and power if we let it. The number of near conjunctions are demanding a lot of flexibility and creativity from us to blend and profit from all these dancing archetypal energies. It has, and will feel like being pushed a lot the time. Overwhelm or near overwhelm are just part of the gig right now. With so much is getting moved and initiated though, it’s totally possible to be excited and inspired instead. We all may be feeling all of the above in waves that come and go. In addition, with all the close clusters of planets in the sky right now there are consequently,still quite a few half-squares (semi-squares) and half sextiles (semi-sextiles) that will go on until the planets get spread out sometime later in the year. I’ll keep mentioning these “minor” aspects until they are less prevalent, but it’s also a good reminder that the standard aspects are far from all that are reflecting in our lives astrologically.

Semi-squares have the energy of push, friction and choice of squares but less overtly. Semi-sextiles bring the energy of two adjacent elements, in this case; Water (Pisces) and Fire (Aries) in two adjacent signs that have very different expressions and energies. Though it acts subtly and under the radar, it can often be a discordant energy if it isn’t noticed and handled correctly. Both aspects usually last from a few days to a week depending on the speed of the planet.

There is a Half-square on approximately the 3rd and 4th between The SUN and NEPTUNE asking us to look beyond just the 3d realms; dreams and imagination or irrational fears and nightmares may flare. Especially as the MOON passes NEPTUNE on the 4th.
The 6th has MERCURY exactly conjunct to CHIRON so there is that ongoing healing/healer theme peaking. Perhaps uncomfortable but familiar as this is the third pass for MERCURY this retrograde. Handling this with maturity will be aided by a SEXTILE between SATURN and the SUN. All that will still be in effect as the MOON conjuncts the SUN for the NEW MOON on the 7th.

It’s such a strangely epic time as I’m sure you all are aware. It is something beautiful, awe inducing and perhaps comforting to see our experiences down here reflected so consistently in the stars. The Law of Correspondence: “As above, So below, As within, So without” allows us to be a participant in this dance and not just a helpless mote. It really helps navigation and equanimity to know your own birth chart and follow along with that as well as the general astrology I give here.

I also hope that as you read these forecasts you begin to learn the language and archetypal meanings that make up the universe we live in and feel inspired to use astrology as a tool to connect yourself to the sacred cycles of nature.


On we go with the echoes of the eclipse of a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure it’s been intense in one way or another for you all: one way AND another most likely. Each day has brought its frictions and beauties in good measure. The FULL MOON is in Scorpio this month is adding an air of depth and an intolerance with bullshit to the mix. The MOON and SUN in opposition are both essentially square to PLUTO, which as I mentioned in last week’s forecast, will trend towards pushing up the hidden and buried things in our psyche. This can be healing and cathartic, creative, passionate and sexy or it can be secret power trips, unconscious obsessiveness or jealousy with the polarity of the Scorpio archetype. Depends on you, your chart and your circumstances. Scorpio is ruled by PLUTO which represents the underworld, the unconscious, hidden power and wealth, so that’s why this FULL MOON may be a little intense.

PLUTO is at the beginning, this April, of a very influential and generational sextile with NEPTUNE, as in a decade long. The key phrase may be “Spiritual Power activated”. That pair will also be dancing with URANUS come this July off and on for about the next 5 years, peaking in 2026. PLUTO sextile NEPTUNE, NEPTUNE sextile URANUS, URANUS trine PLUTO in a minor grand trine augers radical shifts in our spiritual reality AND our worldly reality. The last time this configuration occurred was the early 1940’s though of course in completely different signs and for a much briefer time. A lot of radical change in the world happened then too.
Transparency note: PLUTO and NEPTUNE have been pulsing in and out of sextile or near sextile for many decades (except, weirdly, for 2002 to 2022). So, it’s been a background generational influence that gets triggered occasionally by other planets and points.  This minor grand trine (only minor in the sense it is not a Grand Trine, i.e. three planets in trine) looks to be a big one. I’m sure it will hit the astrological news cycle soon enough and we’ll all be inundated with information and doomster-isms about it. Remember though, every configuration has a high expression and a low expression, positive and negative attributes. But yeah, I think it really will be a new world by 2030 and this year is a kickoff after the foundational earthquakes and breakdowns of the early 2020’s.

After the FULL MOON we get ready for MERCURY to station direct on the 24th just as it near kisses the NORTH NODE. We’ve been feeling this for a while but as MERCURY turns around right there, we may get some clarity about what we want to do to get our lives in better alignment with our calling. Especially as the MOON trines MARS that day in SCORPIO which may bring us the will and courage to act (traditionally MARS is at home, and so empowered, in Scorpio).

Speaking of MARS it has been coming on to conjunct Neptune and finally does on the 28th which may have had the effect of sapping our energy and willpower for a few days. Escapism is also a temptation, as is overindulgence with substances. Yet it can also turn our actions more toward the sacred .and deeper into Spirit and allow us to slow down and dream, if managed well

I’m still harping on about all the semi-sextiles (half sextiles) and half squares we are experiencing this month. Go to my website and look at last weeks forecast for an explanation of those aspects. In any case, SATURN is semi-sextile to MERCURY on the 25th as it starts moving direct which might put us in a serious and philosophical state of mind as we contemplate our life direction.

As that semi-sextile fades later in the week, SATURN experiences an oncoming half square with PLUTO which will be subtly urging us to take practical action on thing that have been bothering us or holding us back. Frustration may arise but it may be hard to pin down about what until the first week of MAY or so.

A semi-sextile between NEPTUNE and VENUS on the 27th may bring us lovely dreams and imaginings of love or money for a few days but alas, just as VENUS lands at home in Taurus on the 29th, she flips the vibes with a half square to SATURN and a square with PLUTO. This is enhanced by the MOON conjunct PLUTO and also square VENUS on the last day of April.  Could be some crunchy happening about the aforementioned love and/or money, only not just in your dreams.

May 1 brings us to the waning quarter MOON. Whew!

We are still getting a lot of amplitude from the JUPITER-URANUS conjunction though it is slowly separating. We will be feeling the buzz of April for a while to come. It’s been a wild ride and we may not see another month like this for some time to come. I hope you are all hangin’ in there and perhaps feeling inspired about the future despite all the turbulence. It’s on its way good and proper now. We’ll just have to see what the journey to the NEW MOON in Taurus brings us all next week.

The music never stops this month and the dance of the conjunctions, semisextile and half-squares continues apace as we travel the last week before the FULL MOON. In so many ways it could and should be a great time to be setting off on a new life course, engaging in exciting possibilities and having runs of luck, yet there are the trials and tribulations of those narrow “minor” aspects and the MERCURY Rx that make it an uphill journey for us all. The high number of conjunctions we are passing through indicate we are dealing with a lot of blending of archetypal ingredients in our lives which can be very creative or very challenging depending on your circumstances and aptitudes.

Last week we had MARS conjunct SATURN, SUN conjunct MERCURY Rx and the NEW MOON ECLIPSE which was conjunct CHIRON all of which I described in my last forecast. Not to leave out the immanent and epic JUPITER-URANUS conjunction that has flavored this whole period.

This week starts off with a conjunction of MERCURY Rx passing over CHIRON for the second time, once again reminding us to pay attention to our wounds and their healing, whether physical or psychological. We get one more pass with that in early May as MERCURY goes forward, but the energy is active all the way through this month. So use this as an opportunity to heal and be a healer rather than merely experiencing a disturbing flair up of a dis-ease in our lives. MARS is semisextile (half sextile: 30 degrees) to CHIRON -MERCURY Rx for a couple of days so that could add a little willful fire to the project.

VENUS conjuncts the NORTH NODE exactly on the 17th bringing an emphasis on things our soul-calling values and on making our relationships as inspirational as possible. SATURN is semisextile to that as well, lending this a mature and methodical air, if not impatient and stubborn, lol. Might be another opportunity to correct and refine our intimate relationships or our way of making money though to tell the truth, we’ve been doing a lot of that lately in any case. That day also has the SUN semisextile to NEPTUNE, this indicates we may have a subtly dreamy or spacy day or some imaginal creativity flowing through.

Essentially, the NORTH NODE, VENUS, MERCURY Rx, and CHIRON are all conjunct until after the FULL MOON so that’s a lot of energies to blend. Mixing all this can be con-fusing or it can be filled with exciting possibilities. The fact that URANUS and JUPITER are moving together all this month means exciting changes are inevitable. They hit exact on the 20th while lit up by a activating sextile to MARS. Whether you see that as exciting good or exciting bad is really a matter of circumstance and perspective. Some things may be ending or breaking down precipitously this month, but ultimately that is a necessary step for re-creation.

JUPITER is known as the planet of luck and good fortune and that is because it carries a lucky attitude: optimism and confidence. In other words, we make our own luck by going for it with panache. URANUS augers sudden change, innovations and shake-ups so it’s not going to just let things be at all. The ECLIPSE last week just blew open the portals for big transformations and it is up to each of us to take advantage of these energies to move forward rapidly towards the life we are meant to be living. This is bound to be highly demanding of our energy and attention and so may be somewhat disorienting, but with the luck of JUPITER on our side we will probably land on our feet running if we try. If you think about it you may have noticed that you have been unusually fortunate this month in little and big ways. Despite all the seeming glitches things keep turning out pretty much OK (though admittedly you may be somewhat stretching the budget patching the all the holes in your plans that keep coming up. I would suggest also making moves to earn some extra dough at your main gig or side hustles if you can an finding way to keep yourself healthy and vital. Your dream life will need your full presence and some practical financial flow to manifest, (VENUS conjunct NORTH NODE, Yay!).

The SUN will have just moved into Taurus as the JUPITER-URANUS conjunction perfects, taking the energy in to a lower gear after all the Aries fire. Taurus is more concerned with beauty and harmony and earthy, homey things. It is also a more methodical and dogged sign, so maybe some of those precipitous changes will settle down into something more grounded than it looked like at first. SATURN is still semisquare to the NORTH NODE and MERCURY Rx so there is a pragmatic energy here that is subtle but present helping us find ways to make the rapid positive changes more stabilized for a few days. MERCURY Rx is slowing down for its return to apparent forward motion on the 24th while its within spitting distance of the NORTH NODE, but never exact, giving us plenty of time to contemplate our life direction and conceive of adjustments while MERCURY moves through its shadow until the middle of May.

The 21st has VENUS crossing CHIRON and the SUN square to PLUTO. This gives us an opportunity to dig deep into our healing process and actually make some progress. Its not just one day thank goodness, but the 21st could be a crux moment on that journey.
The MOON has been opposing each of the closely clustered planets and points in Pisces and Aries since around the 19th, illuminating and triggering each of them and their associated aspects, making this week an emotional and intuitive rollercoaster day to day.  On the 22nd she crosses the SOUTH NODE (and opposes the NORTH NODE) for a moment of contemplating and feeling into the trajectory of our lives. This, of course, happens twice every month if you include her conjunction with the NORTH NODE in 2 weeks, so it might become a ritual cycle of giving focused attention to that vital dimension of our lives at those times. Where are we going and why are we going there? Is it really what we know to be our calling or dharma?

We have the FULL MOON on April 23rd with a closely aspected T-square with PLUTO and the SUN. This may dredge up some deep feelings that need to be cleared or expressed. Passion, anger, joy, sadness: whatever we have been holding back or suppressing. Make sure you’ve been getting plenty of rest and self-care all along this week. You will need the bandwidth that provides to make the best of all this activation, appearing inside you and as outside influences; as within, so without. April is kicking the over the can of our lives for our own good. What I’m saying is we a have an opportunity here to use these days as a turning point in our lives or we can try to cling on to what was and shouldn’t be. Choose your own adventure.

This is just the beginning of a very URAN-ian era. Lots of change is coming our way for the next number of years, so the outcome of this month will likely not be completely crystalized for some time to come. How that will be experienced by you will be mostly determined by your own personal charts and transits and, crucially, whatever wisdom you can bring to the table.

Plot twist! And another and another… Life may feel quite chaotic these days for a lot of us. Eclipses, Conjunctions, Mercury Rx and even semi-squares and semi-sextiles (more on those later) seem to be conspiring to upset the apple cart of our expectations. It’s not necessarily all a bad thing if you’ve got bandwidth to absorb the sudden shifts and to deal with the numerous tasks, obstacles, delays and disappointments. These are like chiropractic adjustments to our collective trajectory and psyche that are necessary for getting in synch with the true reality.

As I said last week, we astrologers can get pretty excited about eclipses and there is a lot of information and misinformation out there right now about this one. “The sky is Falling! The sky is Falling!” Right?. Eclipses Are a big deal, and this one definitely has a lot of astrological oomph to it for sure, Still, I want to front that though these cosmic influences are significant, it is still all part of a mix of infinite influences, both personal and collective. Like the news weathermen, people can exaggerate and catastrophize things for the limbic capture it generates and I’ve certainly seen that happening on this occasion. In actuality it doesn’t need much exaggeration though. If you’ve been tracking the energies, you can feel that April is another peak in a very peaky year and there is a significant buzz if intensity about this eclipse.

Why is that? Well, It’s in Aries for a start. Not only is Aries ruled by MARS and all the fire and action that comes with that, but also its the first sign of the zodiac: Initiations and new beginnings on top of the same energies augured by a NEW MOON. This beginnings energy also implies endings which can involve loss, grieving and letting go. There is plenty of aggression as well as grief in the world right now. Also, this eclipse is (unusually) exactly conjunct CHIRON while pretty near the NORTH NODE/SOUTH NODE axis: our original wounds and the healing journey thereof, our past and future fate, Karma and Dharma, all get stirred by this NEW MOON Eclipse.

Our stability is getting shaken quite a bit this month as well with the oncoming conjunction of JUPITER and URANUS, now just a little more than 1 degree apart by the 8th. URANUS brings rapid, sometimes explosive reformations, innovations, re-visions, and revolutions. JUPITER expands everything it touches. While JUPITER is usually a benefic energy, it can overdo it too. It might be a while before we see the positivity in what URANUS is delivering right now and as always it’ll hit everyone differently. “What one gathers, another spills”. This is just the beginning of a few years with a powerful URANUS emphasis, as PLUTO and NEPTUNE will move into prolonged aspects with it. The big changes in our lives and world are certainly astrologically en route in this decade.

Since most of the planets are packed on one side of the sky right now it is also a time of many conjunctions and short-arc aspects such as the sextile, semisextile and semisquare. Though not usually mentioned in astrology, the latter two aspects are only minor in the sense that they have a tight orb and hence have a relatively brief influence, often just days. Not really “minor” as in weak. Still, there are going to be a lot of them and it will be possibly significant as so many planets do their dance in Aries, Pisces and Taurus. Semisextiles put planets 30 degrees apart: The same degree in two adjacent signs. Adjacent signs often have very different, if not opposite energies. In this case it is Pisces, Aries and Taurus. Respectively: Water, Fire and Earth- Imagination, Action and Manifestation- Idealism/delusion, Audacity/aggression, Practical/stubborn. It is patently inadvisable to try to reduce any sign’s delineations to a few keywords, but you get the idea. So, though the 30 degree angle may flow smoothly under the surface like a sextile, it could also be slightly conflicting. The semisquare or half-square is also often in adjacent signs but has the vibe of a square; action, friction, conflict, irritation, etc, only more subtly and under the rug, as it were. So, there will be, unusually, many days with some trying undercurrents influencing the vibe.

For instance, the Eclipse will be semisextile to JUPITER and URANUS giving it even more impetus for transformation. Also, VENUS will be semisquare to JUPITER and URANUS at the same time pushing us to make those transformations harmonious for things we hold dear and sacred, such as relationships and money. Yeah, all that may not go as smoothly as we would like but it’ll go. By the time you all read this you will be deep in it or still experiencing the initial outcomes. Blessings on your journey!

Well, though things move on the 9th still has those aforementioned semisextiles and semisquares happening with the SUN-CHIRON to JUPITER-URANUS, as well as the MOON square to PLUTO, likely bringing up some deep-rooted feelings and intuitions that day related to our healing.

The 10th has the same aspects, except the MOON moves on to conjunct JUPITER, URANUS, so change is still very much in the air and a closing MARS-SATURN conjunction will finally perfect. This will be in orb for a week either side and has an effect of giving some determination and discipline, if not stubbornness, to our psyches and actions. For good or for ill.

The 11th the MARS, SATURN cluster is semisextile to the NORTH NODE for a few days. A good time to lean in even more on actions for creating the future you really want. Just be aware everyone else will also be doing that, though perhaps at cross purposes to your values. Frustration and conflict. JUPITER, URANUS is still slightly semisextile to SUN, CHIRON as the SUN comes on to conjunct MERCURY Rx. Ongoing shifts and change energy! And lets not forget MERCURY Rx has been making all this week really “interestin”. Glitches, delays, frustrations and constant distractions could be an constant theme of this time because of that.

The 12th the MOON squares MARS-SATURN for a bit while PLUTO is semisquare them. Yeah, that could get hot: passions from the shadow side or real power plays once again for good or ill.

On the 13th  we are still doing semisquares between MERCURY Rx-CHIRON to JUPITER-URANUS and also NORTH NODE to MARS-SATURN with its semi square to PLUTO. This shit don’t let up!

By the 14th , he MOON will trine MARS-SATURN, hopefully bringing some much-needed compassion to our actions motivated by her simultaneous squares to the NORTH NODE and CHIRON.

We reach the first quarter square MOON by the 15th, halfway to the FULL MOON on April 23rd. The MOON will be trine NEPTUNE that day, so dreams and daydreams might be manifest. Could be dreams about practical matters as SATURN is semisextile to the NORTH NODE.

Sorry, I know that’s a lot of information to track, but for those of you who find value in a heads up or a “what just happened?” mapping I hope it is helpful. It’s probably been a super stressful time for most of us and really hard to slow down enough to keep ourselves oriented in the right direction. Trust in the ultimate coherency of the flow is essential. Take some comfort in that we are all experiencing this wild rising tide together and it is absolutely necessary as well as inevitable. Be as compassionate as you can with yourself and others and be vigilant for taking care of your safety and sovereignty while these transformations take place. Nurture conscientiously those relationships that are authentically supporting you and pulling with you in the direction your soul wants/needs to go. Absolutely stay aware of the inherent shortsightedness of fear that will pull us in directions that lead to suffering and dystopia.

I gotta laugh at the Universe’s synchronicity with us all. April Fools Day and MERCURY goes retrograde. Some of you may have noticed that the FULL MOON YouTube video never appeared. Glitches and distractions abounded for me and we just decided not to push it as it was late due to traveling in any case. Apologies to those who were looking forward to it. I’m chalking it up to MERCURY’s shadow antics. You all may have felt the shenanigans begin a few weeks ago. I sure have, lol. We will be clear of them when MERCURY finally comes out of shadow May 13th though it’ll be direct by April 24th .  Things may look quite a bit different by then. Phina and I will be back on it for the NEW MOON forecast on April 8th.

April Fools Day is reportedly celebrated throughout the western world since ancient times. It may have something to do with the original New Years Day celebration from before the Middle Ages that started on March 25 and ended on April 1. So happy New Year too.

The trickster Mercury has apparently been in full force during the lead up shadow period and now will be manifesting the usual pranks of delays and glitches in order to help us learn to dance more gracefully with what is, as it is. To get off our high ego horse of control and materialistic efficiency. In my experience, if you are paying attention you will find that most of the effects come down to a storm in a teacup and pretty much resolve themselves despite our stress and struggle. It’s a test of our trust in the pace and flow of the Universe. Try not to take it too seriously in the moment and just slow down and check yourself before you wreck yourself.

The MOON will be sweeping through a series of squares on April 1st  2nd   and 3rd . Not only with the SUN but then with the NORTH NODE, CHIRON and finally with MERCURY Rx. That along with a sextile to practical and stodgy SATURN is likely to test our patience a bit because of the heavy subject matter of those objects. There is also a lunar trine to JUPITER and URANUS happening on the 2nd which will turn up the volume on the emotional/intuitional attributes of the MOON, as those two heavy hitters of big shifts continue to get more and more conjunct. It’s an interesting start to an intensely activated month, for sure.

Of course, the MOON always moves right along, so these aspects last only hours and just weave into our day, flavoring the flow of our experiences before moving on. The MOON is always teaching us about our attachments and our unacknowledged shadow parts by stimulating them and then dropping them.  Your personal MOON position and birth chart indicate how these aspects may be appearing in your life. It’s an on-going insight tool and opportunity for self knowledge as are all the astrological energies.

By April 3rd Venus perfects its conjunction with NEPTUNE likely giving us some romantic dreams imaginations. Our aesthetic intuition is heightened and we may have a strange urge to overspend on life enhancements. We’ve been feeling this for about a week now and will for at least another, so keep an eye on your budget.

The SUN’s conjunction with the NORTH NODE is exact on the 4th. This aspect has a tendency to bring a positive change to our lives, someone new or new circumstances that come with a rise in self-confidence and direction. Kind of auspiscious during eclipse season.

PLUTO will sextile VENUS on the 6th as she pulls away from NEPTUNE probably bringing up some deeper seated passions to our dreams and reality. It’ll probably feel good in the moment but may have some unexpected consequences due to the unconscious nature of PLUTO.

The next big aspect is of, course, the solar eclipse at the NEW MOON on the 8th. This occurs in Aries and so hits the cardinal signs Aries Cancer, Libra and Capricorn a bit more, though we will all feel the drive for change that characterizes this eclipse. Aries can be impulsive and direct assertive, aggressive and give zero fucks. We should be very careful to be shooting our arrows in the right direction for 2024 at this eclipse. The SUN will be essentially conjunct CHIRON and the NORTH NODE so there is a definite possibility for healing deep wounds and heading in the correct direction. Hopefully the medicine will be effective and not just inflame our wounds and any clinging to the past. Healing often involves us really facing what we would rather ignore while ignoring it just leads to worse problems later. The NEW MOON offers us new beginnings when it blends with the SUN. An eclipse will highly amplify that and can also shock us with the necessary changes and new directions that appear.

I’ll let myself wax a little profound here because of the eclipse and no April Foolin. I hope you have all been diligently working on clearing the old obstacles and leaning into the life you know you should be leading because this NEW MOON is a turning point in that journey as is all of 2024 and beyond. You want to be ready to make the most of it. It seems the world we grew up in is melting away and many of us have wished it so. Now we have to really manifest the world we want our descendants to grow up in. We must turn the corruption into compost, not for ourselves, but for all future beings on this beautiful sacred Earth.

Well, We astrologers get pretty excited about eclipses. Auguring powerful changes on Earth and it is an awesome phenomenon to see. With these intense eclipses in Libra and Aries we should all not be surprised if it heats things up. Since this first lunar eclipse is in Libra ruled by VENUS the Venusian archetypes are super activated; relationships, money; things we give high value to, possibly including things that may not be good for us, e.g. addictions, expensive items, etc. (e.g. Yes, I just bought some expensive new tools I’ve been wanting for my budding workshop) Most astrologers will focus on the relationship aspects of this eclipse season and that is certainly legitimate. We’ve already been getting some of that with VENUS conjunct SATURN last week, so we all may be seeing that as an ongoing theme. I also want to emphasize that the Libra/Venus essence is also about bringing justice, peace, harmony and beauty to the world. We certainly can use a wave of that these days! While the SUN is in Aries can give the whole thing a get-it-done, fiery assertiveness and courage with perhaps a bit of impulsive “its about Me!” vibe. Just try to be wise about it all and make things a win-win for everyone as best you can. Remember, peace and beauty starts within and close to home.
The standard chart shown first appears to be pretty simple for this Full Moon/Eclipse. Just a few major aspects apparent. But as always that leaves out a lot of important nuances and influences that are also going on, so I’m posting a second chart with some of the so called ‘Minor” aspects displayed. When we add in aspects such as the half squares (45°), sesquisquares (square and ½ 135°) and quincunx (150°), we see a much more complex situation. In actual fact, astrology and astronomy are, literally, infinitely complex if all possible factors were taken into account which is why we simplify and oversimplify the actual reality to a few objects and aspect so we don’t get overwhelmed with infinity. In any case, keeping awareness of a more variety of aspects can be very informative though few people explore it.

To wit, the close sextile between VENUS and JUPITER expands the VENUS energies related above to the Aries-Libra FULL MOON/ECLIPSE and adds a dash of good fortune to the proceedings. PLUTO is Semisquare to VENUS so our unconscious material around VENUS stuff is also accented. The Eclipse will also be sesquisquare and semisquare to URANUS. This adds a portion of tension as all the squarish aspects do and push for change that URANUS brings. We may not be able to fully regulate the rapidly changing plot, so quick improvisations using high principles and an eye on our highest goals will be helpful. Though these aspects only last a few hours because of the MOON’s rapid motion, being on the Eclipse it sets up a resonance that will influence the whole eclipse period. That is one reason eclipses are so influential, they ring the bell strongly.


The big news is still, of course, the oncoming conjunction between JUPITER and URANUS which perfects April 20th but is definitely palpable now as a rumbling excitement in the ethers. Because of their closeness the aforementioned sextile between VENUS and JUPITER will evolve into a sextile between VENUS and URANUS by March 28th, signaling more fun plot twists in our VENUS department. That begins to fade away just as VENUS approaches dreamy and confusing NEPTUNE for an exact conjunction by April 3rd.

The rapidly fluctuating aspects of the MOON trips along as usual. A lot of the planets are still all clustered close to each other in Pisces and Aries. On the 25th the MOON meets the SOUTH NODE having us feel deeply into our collective destiny.

She opposes CHIRON then MERCURY on the 26th: Thinking and discussions about our common healing.

By the 27th MOON trines to MARS and squares PLUTO: aggressiveness/assertiveness erupting? On the 28th: MOON trine to SATURN and opposite JUPITER early in the day, then trine to VENUS and opposite URANUS later. Definitely an opportunity for responsible evolution in the VENUS realms if we don’t fall in the ditch of stubborn and futile resistance.

29th the MOON trines NEPTUNE: A day of rest and dreaming or perhaps just a spacy day. PLUTO gets a brief sextile later that day opening, hopefully, some deep creativity and inspirations or something more challenging such as feelings of overwhelm and emotional outbreaks.

Saturday starts with a lunar square to MARS: a burst of energy and ego for better or worse. Then a Trine to the SUN on the 30th with much the same affect but more likely in a beneficial way. Later that day a square to SATURN occurs as a couple of trines develop to the NORTH NODE and CHIRON that will help us see our path to healing.

The 31st has the MOON squaring VENUS and NEPTUNE while trine to the nearly stationed MERCURY. A day of contemplation of our options with the VENUS’s archetypal energies.

MERCURY goes Rx on April 1st, so any April Fools shenanigans can be laid at its door. MERCURY is also the trickster as well as the messenger of the gods, so MERCURY Rx is always a test of our sense of humor and our ability to listen to the omens correctly. Just a tri-annual pop quiz of your wisdom and discernment. LOL
Whew! Last quarter Square MOON on April 1st as the SUN approaches the NORTH NODE and the MOON is sextile to SATURN. Feelings of self-responsibility and restraint arise as we begin to close towards the SOLAR ECLIPSE on April 8th. Plenty of energy in the air, perhaps more than we can handle at times. I think the path with all this is to be very discerning of what your priorities are and to pace yourself to avoid burnout and overwhelm. A lot can get done and a lot will change in April if we keep our heads and hearts aligned and can stay responsibly calm in this most serious of times.

This waxing MOON starts off with a stage magician’s flair this time. As I mentioned last week, mystical NEPTUNE is all over this next week with its conjunction with the SUN exact on the 17th along with the waxing square. Things could be trickery, could be real magic, or a mazy combination and we won’t really be able to tell unless we are carefully clarified in our intuitive faculties. Or we can just wait a few days to check ourselves.  We might feel a bit spacy or tired since this last week. It’s been a hella ride lately and Neptune is asking us to slow down and rest, to contemplate deeper. We would all benefit from some time in the forest or the beach or immersed in art. Either inspiration or confusion, a lot might be stirring because of the approaching JUPITER-URANUS conjunction.
The next day the MOON squares MERCURY as MERCURY conjuncts the NORTH NODE urging us to think about and speak of our life direction or the direction of our world. It’s also trine SATURN and sextile JUPITER during that day adding in a dash of self-confidence and responsibility to the mix.

The 18th the MOON trines NEPTUNE as that planet slowly falls behind in its walk with the SUN. Perhaps some creative insights might flash up if we give it some space to do so. Perhaps we’ll sleep in.
MERCURY conjuncts CHIRON on the 20th and VENUS conjuncts SATURN the next day. Neither are likely to be light and breezy, but actually good days for talk therapy and self-care activities. There is an itchy half square from the SUN to JUPITER going on too adding a subtle compulsion to “do something”. Such a great time for taking responsibility for our healing and integrating the lessons learned from our past wounds, both collectively and personally. This will be facilitated over the next few days with some helpful lunar trines with the approaching JUPITER-URANUS conjunction on the 23rd and an oncoming lovely sextile between JUPITER and VENUS. There is also a developing quincunx (an energy of “not quite comfortable”) between JUPITER and the SOUTH NODE of our past, so be prepared for some more old karma to be dealt with as we close in on the FULL MOON and its Eclipse.

The MOON opposes NEPTUNE a day before the FULL MOON suggesting a day of art, spiritual practices and soothing time in nature. Get your kit together to honor the eclipse in Libra. There will, no doubt, be a lot to say about this eclipse season in the next few weeks. One day a time, as the old 12 step saying goes as we cleanse ourselves and prepare for what’s to come. I wish for you all to find hope and anticipation in the changes we must go through now. It’s an exciting and harrowing time to be alive. Holding back won’t work in these rapids and we are far down the river from where we all started. Keep paddling.

A friend of mine called this period we are in “The Quickening”. Sure feels like it! As if we all thought the flow was accelerated as could be, but it seems the tension, the lessons and the opportunities just seem to keep ramping up. Everyone will be experiencing this according to their own chart and circumstances, but I’m betting you are all collectively feeling the buzz and rumble of “something coming”.

To wit, the Pisces NEW MOON conjunction on MARCH 10 is sextile Uranus while Uranus is square Mars. This is a pretty volatile configuration of energies. It sets a tone of forcefully busting down walls and making moves for some kind of liberation. Not for just that day but during much of this period we may be dealing with the ramifications of this as we head towards a culminating eclipse at the FUUL MOON. Change is in the air for sure, as PLUTO is also sextile to MERCURY later that day so we won’t be disposed to subtle about bringing up ideas and communications erupting out of our depths and shadows. Limiting and conservative SATURN and imaginative and unlimited NEPTUNE are also in Pisces adding their pretty much opposing archetypal energies to the proceedings. Finding balance might be challenging, but it could auger some practical steps towards some idealistic or spiritual ways through it all.
Chiron is still somewhat conjunct the North Node continuing giving us an opportunity to move through old wounds and patterns. It can be uncomfortable to say the least, but hopefully we will be motivated to reach out for wise council and outgrow our victim conditioning.

The MOON will sextile SATURN just before it sweeps over JUPITER on the 13th hopefully settling us down a bit in preparation for JUPITER’s inevitable boost as the moon sweeps over it. JUPITER is within orb of URANUS now and that oncoming conjunction (exact April 20th ,so we get to work with this juice for a while) is bound to be fomenting some surprising action on the world stage as well as in our personal lives. JUPITER can auger good fortune and lucky breaks if it doesn’t overdo it and build the fire too high and hot. We can already feel that train coming around the bend, so aim high but also double check you have a good landing spot. A lot of similes all mixed up there but I hope you get the picture. It’s a powerful opportunity to break free of stagnant, outmoded and toxic patterns and we have plenty of that shit to deal with in the world for sure!

The Moon hits its waxing square to the SUN on the 16th giving us a potential burst of inspiration and/or frantic confusion because the SUN will also be exactly conjunct dreamy/ambiguous/ mystical NEPTUNE while the emotional intuitive MOON will also trine zealous MARS. Another good day to look before you leap to conclusions. Wait a few days to let your intuition clear before moving on anything major if you can.
Epic days for sure. Some of us will be sailing on these high seas and some of us will struggling in deep waters, so help where you can if you can. Ask for help if you need it.  As many of us as we can muster need to be heading to the light in these dark times and this year has a bunch going for it compared to the recent past. Call me for a reading if you want a clearer schematic of what ship you are sailing and how best to navigate these times with it.

Well as usual, it’s been a big week for a lot of us with the Mars-Venus conjunction and JUPITERS’s square-dance with it coulda gone beautifully or trainwrecked for you. Its still a happening thing, though waning, so we all still have chance to get in flow with good fortune.

This week when the moon comes square to the SUN on the 3rd, it will also be nearly squaring SATURN and MERCURY which are finishing their conjunction with the SUN in Pisces. Squares are aspects the compel us to make a choice, to do something either unconsciously (and so often seemingly pushed from outside ourselves by fate) or consciously and in alignment with our dharma or souls purpose (and so in closer harmony with the flow of the universe, not our ego). Kinda a big deal that happen all the time, so common we often don’t notice the choice points or resist and resent the external push. That’s why they are labeled a malefic or unfortunate aspect. Then we have to deal with the downstream ramifications of the choices or non-choice we make. Lotta pressure to wake up and make wise decisions in right timing. This square is no different, just might be a bit more noticeable because of the MOON’s (emotions, intuitions, moods, memory) square with MERCURY (mind, thoughts, movement, communication), the SUN (self-identity, ego, consciousness, vitality), and SATURN (time, structures, limits, maturity) in Pisces (dreamy, imaginative, spiritual, escapist, delusions) all close together. As you can see there is a wide range of potentials here, but likely a good time to make and share plans that align with your higher ideal life and face those serious conversations that need to be undertook while those three planets are still more or less conjunct all week.

As you can see from the chart the MOON’s NODES will also have some flowing trines and sextiles with the MOON and MARS-VENUS this week adding some assistance for dealing with “uncomplicated” subjects such as relationships and major life directions. Lol. Since VENUS and MARS will also be square to disruptive, innovative and freedom seeking URANUS all week there is a lot of juice for perhaps experiencing surprising, and (in the long term) beneficial changes in those MARS, VENUS realms where we may have felt stuck or unsure for quite some time. That is if we responsibly lean into the pressure instead of away.

Monday the 4th the MOON briefly squares NEPTUNE giving our imaginations a boost if we don’t just get confused and deluded by our fears and desires. The 5th the MOON does a sextile to SATURN and trine to JUPITER lending a bit of the wise ruler to our MOON-ish intuition and emotions. A good day to invoke the inner sage or perhaps find a supportive mentor of some kind. The 6th the MOON starts its monthly series of planetary conjunctions. PLUTO comes first giving us some brief possibility of exposure of our suppressed emotions. Or an overbearing vibe because aggressive MARS is next, with its aforementioned square to liberating/explosive URANUS still active. If there isn’t a wise outlet for this energy we could find ourselves (collectively) angrily and foolishly punching holes in our walls or something like that. VENUS and the MOON on the 8th soothes things a bit: Romance, art, dancing etc. are all accentuated. MOON conjunct SATURN on the 9th ostensibly settling things down a bit more because Dad is in the house before the NEW MOON augers on the 10th . Well, except the SUN will be sextile to stir-it-up URANUS that whole time infusing an electric feel to our inner selves and initiating a likelihood of revelations or revolutions in our way of being. Processes that we may not really see the full fruition of until the Sun reaches Aries and JUPITER closes in on URANUS in April. As usual, your results may vary, lol

Fairly active this moon-th as we should be getting used to by now. It helps to see the true nature of cycles as everything that is happening (And has been happening) is set-up wave for the next wave as we are all in a decades long global and personal renovation project whether we like it or not. Its all about seeing the ocean as it is and getting good at surfing, accepting effort and wipeouts as part of the process of learning.