We will go over all the Planets, their aspects to each other, the Houses and Signs in your chart and clearly explain the meaning of each and how it may be showing up in your life. I will send the recording to you via email so you can go back through it at any time for further insights.

Energy update:
Ego aspects can arise big time in personal relationships.

Narratives of others can sow doubt in your heart. It’s beautiful if you can explore the perspective of the other while staying in your truth. It is the full range of both perspectives that can create a container for contrast and with that comes growth.

Giving your power away by not holding your boundaries can have huge effects on your self-confidence.
Self-love is key at these times.

Sovereignty will be built on loving yourself fully, all aspects of shadow and light.

Insincerity revealed from the deepest layers of your most close connections can lead to breaks in connection. That what is meant to align with you will and the rest will fall away.

Strength and perseverance are asked as you move through this phase.

Standing by yourself is needed to step out of fear and insecurity into confidence and feeling whole and loved already.

Focus on your path and see if you can find the positives in what you or others see as your flaws and what you have to bring to the world.

Next steps!

Letting go of toxic dynamics and everything or every connection that doesn’t seem to be reciprocated or authentic.

Inner child work can pop up. Fears and our deepest wounded parts can show their face in connecting with others. Instead of pushing emotions away let them arise and move through you as a wave that is passing.

The biggest challenge we are being prepared for is in space holding for wounded inner child parts of others. Practicing to stay in a vibration of love when others give you a reactive response.

Twin flames can be moving through a phase of difficulty in communication or even withdrawing. The personal growth of both as individuals seem to be key. You can take a look at where you are not yet loving yourself fully, what relationship wounds are there to be healed and what brings you your joy and connection to your full potential. ✨

Well it sure has been intense. Both good and challenging (ultimately for the greater good as always). Mars Square Jupiter has been lighting it up even as deep ol’ Pluto has been fading out of the picture. We’re all highly motivated to get our way, and brook no guff from resistances whether interior or exterior. The Moon trineing Mercury and swinging through a square and opposition to Sun and Saturn all day Saturday which will add some emotional oomph to all we need to accomplish this weekend. Boundaries expressed and defended strongly till the end of May. 😘