client wedding

YES it is beautiful to be part of the wedding of Heather and Sean, as they take the next step in their evolution as a couple. Blessing their commitment to the process of growing together.

Hearing Shivoso’s wisdom and feeling his dedication to assisting relationships thrive helped me appreciate the art of asking for help, and of seeking new models for relationships that I strive to embody. Shivoso is a great man and role model, like few I’ve met before, and one whose dignity, honesty, and enthusiasm to live life face-first gracefully I admire and aspire to. I recommend him to anyone seeking a path of integrity in their relationships, and to men looking to learn what they may not have in the past about how to show up in their highest selves, and provide security and transparency for those they love. He is a true, kind, and necessary human being who has earned my endless gratitude and love.

Sean Talbot, Portland OR

Shivoso will transform your world and bring new life into your relationship. He has a profound capacity to see the core issues keeping one from living the most authentic and joyful life, especially in loving relationships. I have attended a few of his workshops and utilized him as a relationship coach in my own life and have found his services incredibly powerful and useful. He has a tool belt full of remarkably relevant and applicable truths. I highly recommend you give yourself the gift of working with Shivoso to enliven and ignite your current relationship or to work through your blocks in order to invite into your heart the love of your life! He’s guaranteed to rock your world.

Much love,
Heather Beth Hall, Portland, OR

Thank you so much for being a guide for our relationship. There is a breath of freedom we are experiencing and we are grateful for your presence in the rebirth.

Nick and Bianca Heyming, Vista CA

Shivoso- Words are not really adequate to express my thanks for the work you have been doing with me. It has affected me profoundly in ways I am only beginning  to understand and manifest. I truly appreciate your compassion, wisdom and insight. Everything you have suggested has been helpful on some level weather or not I have been able to utilize it yet.

I can only say thank you again.

Lisa Byrne, Ashland OR

Shivoso is a master of relationships always practicing and refining his Intimacy Arts. He is conscious of the fact that we are always in process of mastering ourselves and the relationships we choose to engage. His almost encyclopedic knowledge of relationships shows within the first five minutes of any conversation.

The first 30 minutes are free and by the end you’ll be flying into a new universe of relationships eager to explore, adventure, and grow. I have been a client for over a year and would recommend Shivoso for people in any stage or style of relationship: single, married, divorced, separated, polyamorous, LGBT, etc.

He truly has a full spectrum world view and will always lead us home to our most important relationship, the one we have with ourselves.

Nature Dreamweave – Artist, San Francisco CA

For sure! You have so many beautiful PEARLS of WISDOM to share with the world! So thank you!

Kat Gibson, Portland OR

I really can not say enough amazing things about Shivoso Phoenix. He works on a sliding scale and knows how to compassionately cut through the bullshit to get to the heart of what’s really going on. Gift yourselves his refreshing counsel… what do you have to lose??

Leora Pangburn, San Francisco CA

Shivoso provided a safe space for my heart to be truly seen, and clearly yet kindly spoke to me about what he saw.  His view brought clarity, depth and broad perspective, so that I could recognize where I need to work and what I have to offer.  I’ve found more authenticity in relating to others as a result, and am excited about diving into the resources he’s pointed me towards.  His willingness to work with me on a donation basis was humbling and fortified my faith in service to others.  Truly an inspiring and empowering gift!!

B.V., San Fransisco, CA

Thank you for your wise words on intimacy and relationships this weekend at the Coyote Music Festival. I wish you could clone yourself a million times and send your teachings out into the world everywhere to help us in the translation between male and female energies.

Lori Salsbury, Bend OR

My name is Bodhi,  Lumi (my partner) and I did your Sacred Sexuality workshop at Burning Man and it has changed our lives… again I say thank you! The remaining time that Lumi and I had on the playa was beyond measure and was the most intimate time of my life, and she expresses the same. Knowing that my beloved is the goddess of my dreams and me being able to treat her in that way has opened a door of sacred love and intimacy.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you….

Bodhi, San Francisco CA

My dear Brother, Thank you for your time, energy, love, intuition and intention during your workshop at Beloved this past weekend. Despite having arrived quite late we experienced some true openings and “ah-ha” moments that have continued to resonate in us, between us and in a very late night discussion with some friends who are teetering between commitment and breakup.

After the workshop Sara and I spoke with you and you counseled me to stand my ground, hold the space, create the container when Sara is in the rage fueled by all hurt ever done to her and all women – the “I got you, Babe” strength and commitment.  Knowing that you have been there lends me courage and hope.  I can feel the power and rightness of your advice grow deep in me – there has been a shift in consciousness.  You taught me, showed me, reminded me, woke up in me some deep calling of manhood.  Thank you for your challenge and encouragement.

Great Love and Respect to you.

This man is a coach of the highest order. His ability to hold space and his integrity are unsurpassed. His self-proclaimed “fearlessness” allows him to deeply connect with each person he is working with. His heart is wide open and he truly sees the divine in others. It is my honor and priviledge to have had an opportunity to work with him, and I will forever treasure our time together. Shivoso is the embodiment of the awakened divine masculine, and I feel very blessed to know him.

Amrita Divine Grace

My love runs so deep for this man, my brother, my friend, his heart expands like the sun rising over the mountains, breaking through the mists of illusion, fear, doubt. few people can meet me like this man, totally real with his emotions, intense, honest, vulnerable. he is gifted with an overflowing heart of love and infinate affection. i am so lucky to have his presence in my life.

Avena Shakti Bliss

Thank you so much for your insights, your willingness to share and inspire, and your generosity of your time and spirit!  I  just went over the notes I took  at your workshop and there’s some great gems there … it’s obvious that you really care and want to help and are doing this for the right reasons!  I’m re-inspired to give this relationship (and most importantly,  my self work), an influx of effort, and to tune in to realize when the best effort might just be patient acceptance …