The relationship coaching process with me usually consists of one to three one hour sessions, either in person or via phone or skype, where I work with to you discover new ways of seeing and being in relationship with yourself and others.

I will give you access to information that specifically addresses your situation and how to move forward in a positive direction. I will also offer specific advise on your choices of how to navigate your unique circumstances and current events in your life that affect your relationships: i.e. What to say, actions you can take or techniques that you can implement in order to get the results you want or, on a deeper level, need. I will be giving you choices and ideas and it will up to you to use them or not.

My goal is to empower and encourage you to responsibly experiment in doing different things in your relationship in order to get different results.

Most people get into relationship assuming that what they already know about relating is adequate to provide them with the experience they want or dream of having. The process “falling” in love, having sex, making friends or being part of a family just “happen” The “how to and how not to” we have learned from our family and our culture and experiences from our past relationships are the only guides we have. But as we grow in experience we find that what we think we know or our ways of behaving in relationship do not always lead us where we want to go or prove adequate to cover the unique situations we find ourselves in. Even, and maybe especially, those of us who are on the path of spiritual awakening and personal growth, can find ourselves frustrated in our attempts to have the quality of relationships we know in our hearts we potentially can have. It is far more challenging than we would like to make the shifts in ourselves on our own that we know would help and it is often difficult to discern truly helpful information from wishful thinking.

If we want to get better at something or become proficient at any skill, we have the option to look to a teacher or coach to provide the guidance and education that can improve our results.

I am that coach and teacher for you. I commit to giving you the personal and personalized support, knowledge and direction that I have gleaned from that experience that can help you navigate you and your relationship towards your highest potential. Welcome to a new chapter in your journey.