What is it that I, as a relationship coach, can do for you and your relationship?

In my experience, most of us reach a place in our relationships where we could use a helping hand, some knowledgeable advice or a better map to steer by.

We all want extraordinary relationships, but the question is; “how do we get there?” Through my years of studying human relating dynamics, psychology, physiology and energetics I have found ways of informing people as to their conscious and unconscious patterns and their core beliefs, to help them recognize the choice points in their thoughts and behaviors that will lead them where they want to go. I believe that through knowledge and practice we all now have the opportunity to create and live authentically amazing relationships.

Perhaps you find yourself in the common, but horrific, position of being or on a “lee shore” or “on the rocks” in your relationship or you have recently experienced a loss of love and connection in your life. Or maybe, ideally, you are simply motivated to find out how to improve a current relationship or how to get into a worthy intimate relationship.

I can help you with all of the above.

What I offer is the knowledge and guidance acquired over 40 years of living, studying and experimenting in the realms of relationship.

I am the compassionate, knowledgeable with integrity “third” in your relationship to provide you, or you and your significant other practices, techniques and support in your journey towards what modern relationship has to offer and your own potential as a human being. I give you perspectives and access to resources that can help you keep your balance during the inevitable stressful times in your relationships. And when there is a need for a deep transition in your relationship, I have the experience and wisdom to offer you ways to make those evolutions as gracefully and lovingly as possible. I have helped hundreds of couples and individuals to move forward in a positive direction towards a more satisfying, meaningful and joyful expression of their relationship to themselves and the others in their lives by sharing my knowledge and encouragement with them and that is my ongoing mission.


Hearing Shivoso’s wisdom and feeling his dedication to assisting relationships thrive helped me appreciate the art of asking for help, and of seeking new models for relationships that I strive to embody. Shivoso is a great man and role model, like few I’ve met before, and one whose dignity, honesty, and enthusiasm to live life facefirst gracefully I admire and aspire to. I recommend him to anyone seeking a path of integrity in their relationships, and to men looking to learn what they may not have in the past about how to show up in their highest selves, and provide security and transparency for those they love. He is a true, kind, and necessary human being who has earned my endless gratitude and love.

Sean Talbot, Portland OR

Shivoso will transform your world and bring new life into your relationship. He has a profound capacity to see the core issues keeping one from living the most authentic and joyful life, especially in loving relationships. I have attended a few of his workshops and utilized him as a relationship coach in my own life and have found his services incredibly powerful and useful. He has a tool belt full of remarkably relevant and applicable truths. I highly recommend you give yourself the gift of working with Shivoso to enliven and ignite your current relationship or to work through your blocks in order to invite into your heart the love of your life! He’s guaranteed to rock your world.

Much love,
Heather Beth Hall, Portland, OR