What Happens When You Marry Yourself?

So many of us have experienced the isolation, fragmentation and separation of this last year.  It is important to realize there is, frankly, always the most intimate and long lasting relationship that you will ever have going on, even when you are alone. The one with yourself. The quality of our relationship with ourselves has lately been radically exposed without the filters of so many of our usual social distractions. What would happen if you made that relationship formal, committed, compassionate and collaborative? I did the experiment almost 20 years ago and it is working.

Here (in the comments) is a 5 min segment of a much longer and many-faceted video you can find on my website and YouTube, this one is with Akasha Heather Christy, who is well versed in somatic healing practices and relationship attachment theory, talking about my own journey with my “till death do I part” self marriage.

I’ve been creating several of these IntimacyArts Salons lately; interviewing wise souls on what they love to offer the world and just letting what arises be expressed, raw, honestly and spontaneously. It is so inspiring and incredibly fun to get to geek out about life and relationship with these friends and colleagues who have dedicated their lives to understanding and healing our hearts, bodies and souls. Enjoy!

Growing Positive Relationships


If you were attempting to grow a garden with little prior experience and it failed to thrive, would you just keep repeating the same process the same way over again hoping it would work this time? Or would you get some books, ask some experts, go to classes and generally study horticulture to improve your outcomes?

Relationship is a garden. It will never be perfect or not need constant maintenance and adjustment to conditions. Some few of you have “green thumbs” but most of us have to learn as we go along if we want a beautiful thriving garden.