I AM ENOUGH! Shame and self critisism

Nice one Jeff!

Shame keeps us all separated and alone even when we are with our closest relationships. It literally separates us from ourself. A voice imposed from the outside, programed into us. It is essential to distinguish between our authentic desire to be the best we can be and the nagging judge. They can even be saying similar things, but the feeling is completely different. The intention is different. Responsible recognition and acknowledgment for mistakes and missteps helps us learn and stay connected. Shame and self loathing only contract us, isolate us and keep us in a room with no doors.


Jeff brown says; “I am so tired of how hard we are on ourselves. Not attractive enough, not smart enough, not cool enough, not purpose-full enough, not spiritual enough, not flexible enough, not creative enough, not rich enough, not happy enough, not healthy enough, not sexy enough, not wise enough. It’s like a collective shame-fest that begins when we are born and continues until we are dead. So much magnificent life is lost when it is swept under a bushel of shame. Billions of us walking around convinced we are not something enough. Methinks we are missing the point. Just staying alive on this planet is a brave act, one that demands that we sift through all of the not enough inner chatter to find reason to go on. How about if we begin every day with an ‘I am enough’ meditation. Lets begin right now, “I am enough!” I AM…ENOUGH!” www.Soulshaping.com