Now here is some food for thought. A vow to a partner: “It is my promise to you to be as happy as I can be, no matter what, and I will never hold you responsible for the way I feel. Nor will I allow you to hold me responsible for the way you feel.”
Esther Hicks

How would your relating change? Would you be able to learn to differentiate enough to be with another’s feelings, no matter how strong, and not take responsibility for them? Support, sympathy, compassion, yes. But empower and trust them to process and move through their own stuff to reach for their own equanimity, at least, if not happiness. Would you be able to take 100% responsibility for your own feelings and process and to courageously share them responsibly? Happiness and satisfaction are inside jobs. No one can make you happy (or any other emotional state) if you aren’t able or willing make the effort yourself.