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Intimate relationships need not be as difficult and traumatic as we are making them. Yes, they are challenging and sometimes painful, as well as blissfully fulfilling and the full spectrum in between. As it turns out, there are practical techniques, skills, understandings, and attitudes that can help this whole process work and feel better. My goal is to share this information with people who want all their relationships to feel better, turn out better, and to genuinely support them in their process.

I want to share with you some thoughts and my perspective on the deeper purpose of relationships.

Over the years of my adult life I was often baffled by the difficulties and struggles that would inevitably arise in my intimate relationships. Everything would begin with such a rush of positivity and a profound sense of rightness. And yet over time little things would become big things until there was this feeling of being stuck. The same disagreements, the same feeling of frustration and resentments would build and the same loss of passion and love would settle in.

What was going on? How did we get here? Where do we go from here? Why?

Those questions pushed me to look into deeper causes than what my upbringing and conditioning had taught me were true. The old story of blame and shame just wasn’t cutting it… READ MORE


Shivoso provided a safe space for my heart to be truly seen, and clearly yet kindly spoke to me about what he saw. His view brought clarity, depth and broad perspective, so that I could recognize where I need to work and what I have to offer. I’ve found more authenticity in relating to others as a result, and am excited about diving into the resources he’s pointed me towards. His willingness to work with me on a donation basis was humbling and fortified my faith in service to others. Truly an inspiring and empowering gift!!

B.V., San Fransisco, CA

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